Folklore helps make friends


A concert called “Art helps make friends” by the folk choir of the Gotse Delchev ensemble, Sofia, with conductor Marek Dyakov and the Ezerets, Blagoevgrad vocal ensemble with conductor Ilian Yuruchki is to take place at the Sofia City Art Gallery on 11 May, to mark the day of the Saints Cyril and Methodius.

“The Gotse Delchev folk choir was founded in 1945 and has a repertoire of music from the various ethnographic regions in the country,” said Marek Dyakov for Radio Bulgaria. “The Ezerets vocal ensemble is emblematic of Bulgarian choir traditions, and this concert is a grand opportunity to present the vocal diversity of choral works by many of Bulgaria’s renowned composers. Our friendship and partnership goes back a long way, and our concerts together in Blagoevgrad and in Sofia are our modest contribution to Bulgarian choral art. I think being together makes us strong, and we bring the audience together as well. The atmosphere in the Sofia city gallery makes the concert on the occasion of the day of Saints Cyril and Methodius all the more significant, for which we would like to thank director Petar Dimov. We shall present a colourful array of music from all ethnographic regions and emblematic performances by the two choirs. The audience will also be able to hear new works we have prepared for the concert.”

"Mori ayda, ayda" by Kiril Stefanov, performed by the two choirs.

Photo: private library

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