Bulgarian team has created children's planting book


A team of Bulgarian authors have created a children's book, which in addition to magical story that attracts children's interest towards reading, also contains seeds for germination. Not just the story, but every detail of the book is in line with environmental values, Darina Dimitrova, initiator of the project says:

"The story has been edited by psychologists and even the production process was environmentally friendly. The book was not created for profit. Our goal is the book to be meaningful both to children and adults who read it together. The materials used to make it are environmentally friendly. The pages and covers are made of 100% recycled paper that was not bleached with chemicals. The foil of the book is biodegradable and the ink used is food colorant. Adhesive was made from sugar, flour and water. The font used is easier to be read by people with dyslexia. On its pages there are specially-selected certified seeds of edible flowers, fruits, vegetables. They guarantee 98% germination and are small enough so they can be integrated into the paper. The seeds were also selected in accordance to children’s patience – these are plants with rapid growth so the children see the end result."

The narrative in the children's novel concerns topics relevant both to children and adults, but without the intention to teach, says Darina Dimitrova:

"The story is about the boy Bobo Bermundo and his band of friends in search of adventures, challenges and solutions. With lots of humor, there are topics about childhood empathy, friendship, anxiety and of course about the environment. Our goal has never been becoming mentors and pointing fingers, but focusing attention on the importance of patience, personal action and responsibility for life and the environmentin a humorous way."

Darina Dimitrova says that feedback the team receives is very important to them, and the authors have ideas and creative energy for new projects:

"We have received mails with thanks and additional questions about the book, and that brings us great satisfaction and adds value to our work. Our intention now is not starting publishing a series of books, but creating meaningful things to read. We want to do something both for adults and teenagers. It should not necessarily be in the form of a book. We are still at the stage of ‘conceiving an idea’. "

The team has not patented their product with the hope others would follow in their steps.

English: Alexander Markov

Photos: private library

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