Regional Library Dora Gabe in Dobrich launches One Book – Many Editions exhibition

Photo: BТА

On occasion of the Holiday of Slavonic Alphabet, Bulgarian Education and Culture May 24, the Regional Library Dora Gabe in Dobrich presents some of its most-valuable works through the exhibition One Book – Many Editions. The third edition of the Under the Yoke novel (1896) of the Patriarch of Bulgarian Literature Ivan Vazov is also part of the book collection. Paintings of renowned Czech-born painter Ivan Mrkvička can be found among the thirty illustrations in the novel. Mrkvička made some of the murals at Alexander Nevski Cathedral. The first edition of Notes on the Bulgarian Uprisings by Zahari Stoyanov printed in Plovdiv in 1884 is also part of this literature collection. The first edition of the Dante Alighieri’s Inferno (1906) translated in Bulgarian by Kontstantin Velichkov is also part of this collection. It contains 76 illustrations by Gustave Doré. The collection also consists of books by Yordan Yovkov and Dora Gabe.

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