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| updated on 5/17/19 3:56 PM

The Crypt of St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral opened an exhibition entitled “From Lazarus’ rising to the Holy Spirit”. The exposition presents for the first time around 60 items of religious art from the period 16-19 centuries keps in the funds of the Museum for Christian Art with the National Art Gallery, and the National Archeological Institute with the Ban Academy of Sciences, as well as from the funds of the National Church History and Archeology Museum with the Holy Synod and Svetlin Russev Private Collection. The collection will be on display until September 15.  Photo: BTA

Retro-rally Maritsa was given a start today in the city of Plovduv. In this year’s edition of the event there are 42 cars taking part. The final of the race is to take place on May 19 in Alexandroupolis. Photo: BTA

The National History Museum presented today the exhibition “Old Gold – magic and symbolism”. The exhibits are from the private collection of Antonio Vassilev.  Photo: BGNES

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A day in pictures

World Animal Day, October 4, was marked today at the Zoo-veterinary Center in Plovdiv with a colorful feast for the kids. Special guest to the show was the Old English Sheepdog Dog Mon (to the left), who has taken part in dozens of charity..

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A day in pictures

This year’s archeological season of the team of the National Archeological Institute with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, working on the site of the ancient town of Bononia, closed with very interesting finds. The Bononia..

updated on 10/3/19 4:21 PM

A day in pictures

Within the forum dedicated to the 30 th anniversary since the start of democratic changes in Bulgaria and on the occasion of the 25 th anniversary since the inauguration of the Friederich Ebert Foundation – Bulgaria, well-known photographer..

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