EP Elections 2019: Confrontation between GERB and BSP continue in the last phase of the European Elections campaign


Several hours after Bulgaria’s Premier and leader of GERB party Boyko Borissov said in a TV interview that the Bulgarian Socialist Party is using methods from KGB textbooks (the Committee for State Security for the former Soviet Union), the leader of the European Elections list of BSP Elena Yoncheva sent new signals against him to the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office. According to one of Yoncheva’s signals, Boyko Borissov transferred his private business to his cousin before he became Mayor of Bulgaria’s capital Sofia and later Premier of this country. Borissov claims that he does not keep in touch with this person, but according to Yoncheva’s reference from the commercial register Borissov’s cousin signed many lucrative deals with real estate properties in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia while Boyko Borissov was Mayor of Sofia and later a Premier of this country. In the coastal town of Burgas Elena Yoncheva bitingly commented that “Bulgaria has been walking towards the EU in the past twelve years, but has not came even close to it. Borissov not only placed us in the corner of the European Union, but has been taking Bulgaria out of the EU”.

During her election tour along the Bulgarian Black Sea region the leader of the European Elections list of GERB and SDS Mariya Gabriel accentuated again on the topic related to the fake news. A meeting with nearly 200 journalists, students, IT experts and representatives of the local authorities held in the city of Burgas was dedicated to the fake news. Talking about the importance of digitalization, Mariya Gabriel warned that the new technologies provide good opportunities for new services, products, jobs, but also may cause differences between towns, regions and countries. GERB’s election campaign continues today in the coastal city of Varna.

The candidates for MEPs from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF, DPS) met with supporters in Bulgarian regions populated predominantly with ethnic Turks. DPS criticized again GERB for “using double standards”. The leader of DPS Mustafa Karadayi pointed out that together with the MPs from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms GERB party is defending linguistic diversity in the European Parliament, but in Bulgaria it bans the use of Turkish language during election campaigns. Our unity is called DPS. Our cause is too big to fight each other. We are guardians of peace, stability and security in this country, Mustafa Karadayi told the supporters of DPS.

VMRO party announced through paid publications in different media that several days before the elections for European Parliament, the popular website mepranking.eu has published a ranking on the activity of the MEPs. The only Bulgarian in top 20 is the Deputy Chairman of VMRO Angel Dzhambazki, which according to his political party is a proof of his hard work in the last five years to protect the Bulgarian interests in Brussels.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission adopted and published on its official website methodological instructions for machine voting at the section election commissions.

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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