First forecasts predict five Bulgarian political forces entering European Parliament


According to first published exit poll data at the end of EP Election Day in Bulgaria, 5 Bulgarian political forces will be represented in the new European Parliament.

According to Gallup International, which is BNR's partner for the elections, GERB and UDF come first with 30.5% of support. BSP for Bulgaria follow with 25.4%, MRF with 12.8%, IMRO-BNM with 8% and Democratic Bulgaria with 6.5%. The poll by Alpha Research shows approximately the same results: GERB and UDF 32.7%, BSP for Bulgaria - 23.2%, MRF - 13.6%, IMRO-BNM - 7%, and  Democratic Bulgaria - 5.9 percent.
Gallup International has estimated that these results would give GERB and UDF 6 seats in the European Parliament, BSP for Bulgaria - 5, MRF - 3, IMRO-BNM - 2, and Democratic Bulgaria - 1.

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