First statements following exit poll results after end of European Parliament Elections in Bulgaria

After the European Elections exit polls were announced in Bulgaria, the ruling GERB party has commented that results confirmed the high level of political trust the party enjoyed. The BSP refused to comment on the results before the parallel counting of ballots they organized ended. Representatives of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) said that the results of the movement seemed satisfactory as it regained the position of third political force in the country and its results are better than those of all nationalist formations. Leader of the IMRO-BNM list, Angel Dzhambazki, pointed out that successful results gave IMRO self-confidence of a political force representing nationalism and patriotism in Bulgaria. Leader of Democratic Bulgaria, Radan Kanev, pointed out that the results of his formation wereabove expectations and confirmed that his party was the true alternative to the status quo set by GERB, BSP and MRF.

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