No plastic waste on Black Sea islands

Photo: Andrey Andreev

A major environmental campaign has started on the island of Saint Anastasia. Islands near the Bulgarian Black Sea coast are few and small. Maybe that's why they are very fond of tourists, environmentalists, athletes and artists. In Bulgarian cinema they are a favorite place for shooting romantic or adventure movies.

The island of Saint Anastasia had a stormy history and today it is known as the most romantic place in the Burgas Bay, where one can see the only surviving island monastery in Bulgaria. On the eve of the summer tourist season the agenda is the preservation of the environment. Since 1 June Burgas Municipality has launched a campaign to restrict the use of disposable plastic products on the island. Consumption – yes, but only using glass, metal and paper utensils. As the start of the campaign is on Children's Day, all-day-long festivities are organized on the island. Divers from "Friends of the Sea" Club – Burgas will clean the seabed around the island. And all together will enjoy concerts and show programs. The "Crazy Laboratory" show program is especially organized for children. Child drawing workshop and a plein-air art contest on the topic of “The Island and the Clean Sea” is also organized.

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