Tihomir Radev from Shumen to sail on the Danube just like Jules Verne's character

Photo: private library

A policeman from Bulgaria’s Shumen, Tihomir Radev, has been preparing to sail the Danube River, following the example of the character of Jules Verne's novel, The Danube Pilot. No one has so far navigated the river under the conditions described in the novel– "fight for survival". The 47-year-old man who will start from the Danube springs will only rely on the food he could catch during the sailing trip. The only thing he'll pay for is water. Radev leaves for Germany on June 9, with his expedition start scheduled two days later in Ingolstadt, He is expected to arrive at the Danube Delta by the end of August. He will pass a distance of nearly 2500 kilometers on a kayak made of plastic, about five meters long and 63 cm wide, weighing about 28 kilograms. The enthusiast says that he is trying to fulfill his childhood dream from the times he was 10-12 years old and read the novel "The Danube Pilot". Tihomir Radev’s message to young people is to read, dream and have adventures outside the digital world. Radev’s message to adults is not to forget their childhood dreams because it is never too late to realize them.

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