Parliament votes amendments to Political Parties Act, parties will have to pay back 14.6 million Leva from party subsidies

Photo: BTA

The political forces will have until the end of 2020 to pay back the sums they have received in excess as a state subsidy. If they fail to do so they will be charged interest.

These amendments to the Political Party Act were voted by the National Assembly at second reading today. The sum the political forces will have to pay back amounts to a total of 14.6 million Leva.

These legislative amendments were submitted by the Council of Ministers after it transpired that parties had been paid out sums considerably exceeding the legal subsidy set down of 11 Leva per valid vote received. What they received, however was a little over 13 Leva per valid vote received, because the “I support no one” votes were also included.

The annual state subsidy granted to the political parties and coalitions since 26 May, 2016 will be recalculated, and the difference is what the political forces will have to pay back. 

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