Tattoo museum to be set up at body art festival

Chef Petar Mihalchev

A Tattoo Museum will be set up at the body art festival this coming weekend at Universiada Hall in Sofia. The museum will present tattoos as part of ancient cultures and the way they have evolved.

Here is Emil Saparevski, organizer of the event, with more about the idea of a tattoo museum:

“The project is as much for fun, as it is part of our lives. We decided to put on display old machines, devices, magazines, everything we have that is connected with the history of tattooing in this country. Body art has a long history in Bulgaria and people will be able to see things that are no longer in use. Nowadays it is much easier, at the beginning people who did tattoos had to prepare the things they needed themselves.”

MC will be Bulgarian actor Stanislav Yanevski popular for his role as Viktor Krum in the Harry Potter films. Tattoo Fest Sofia is an international event with guests coming from Greece and Italy. Famous tattooist Goran Micic from Macedonia deserves special mention:

“Goran is of the new European wave. He has a fine sense of composition and aesthetics, and a unique style. He is coming with another three tattooists from his studio.”

The festival offers a diverse programme, presenting different artists and styles and spectacular dancing and acrobatics. There will even be gastronomy – with Petar Mihalchev – probably the most tattooed master chef in Bulgaria. Visitors will also be able to get acquainted with consumables and skin care cosmetics pharmaceuticals used during and after tattooing.

“Visitors can listen to good music from the DJs we have invited, and take a look at how tattoo studios do their work. There will be an art fusion session during which we shall be drawing on big pieces of cardboard, stands offering jewellery, all kinds of commodities and merchandise. And, of course, those wishing to, can get a tattoo.”

East European body art culture is recognizable abroad, it has its merits, says Emil Saparevski:

“Bulgarian artists follow world tendencies but there are incredible artists here who have absolutely no problem finding a job at studios abroad.”

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