Bulgarians with the lowest price level for consumer goods and services in EU

Bulgaria has the lowest price level for consumer goods and services among the EU member countries, Eurostat data for 2018 show.

This country has the lowest level in 7 out of 10 sectors analyzed. For example, the price level for home maintenance in Bulgaria - lighting, heating, water and other payments - is 33, the EU average being 100. Bulgarians have the lowest expenses for travel, restaurants and hotels. Price levels for beverages and tobacco are also the lowest in the EU – 58 points, the figure is approximately the same for sport and tourism. But food expenditures are 72 points, the EU average being 100, and car expenditures - 85 points.

At the same time the country is last in per capita GDP at 7,829 euro, the per capita GDP in Germany being 30,000 euro. 

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