Bulgarian team among the best at Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad

Photo: olympicbg.org/

The Bulgarian team won a total of 6 medals at the 23rd Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad in Cyprus.

The team, headed by Associate Professor Ivaylo Kortezov from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, won 2 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medals. Bulgaria is second overall, out of the 10 official participants in the Balkan Olympiad, second only to Romania. Out of all 17 teams taking part in the competition, the Bulgarian children came third after Kazakhstan. According to the competition rules the competitors have 4.5 hours to solve 4 problems in the sphere of algebra, geometry, number theory and combinatorics.

Gold medals were won by 8th graders Ivan Tagarev and Ilias Noman, and silver medals by Nikola Tsachev, Bozhidar Dimitrov and Ivayla Radkova. 7th grade student Maria Drencheva won a bronze. 

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