A day in pictures

| updated on 7/22/19 2:53 PM

During these hot July days, small mountain resorts offering mineral waters – pools and spa, like the village of Spanchevtsi in Vurshets Municipality, are much preferred as an alternative to seaside beaches.  Photo: BTA

As of today until July 24th, the three mobile drinking fountains of “Sofiiska Voda” Company will again be at the disposal of the citizens along Vitosha Boulevard, downtown Sofia.  Photo: BTA

The Academy for Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv is the venue of the 15th edition of the International Folklore Seminar. In the course of a week over 60 applicants from nine countries will be studying folk dances, singing and playing different traditional music instruments.  Photo: BTA

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A day in pictures

Today several fans of paragliding made good use of the favorable conditions and air currents from Vitosha Mountain near Sofia, and the good weather conditions over the capital city to fly from the high points of the mountain...

updated on 8/23/19 4:21 PM

A day in pictures

The first electric scooters for shared usage were presented in Sofia today. There are 150 scooters at the disposal of the citizens of the capital city and 58 parking sites in the broad center of Sofia. The number of parking areas for..

updated on 8/22/19 2:54 PM

A day in pictures

“Tonight the almighty  Metallica  will perform in front of more than 70.000 people in Warsaw and I’m honoured to have been invited to create the official screen printed poster for the show.” This is what Bulgarian..

updated on 8/21/19 3:57 PM