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The Assenova Fortress is the best known highland fortress in Bulgaria. It is situated in an exceptionally beautiful region of the Rhodope Range. The fortress is built at a strategic point to guard and control the ancient road between the Aegean lands and the Thracian valley. The fortress is proclaimed National monument of culture and is one of the places on the list of the 100 National Tourist Sites. It is open for visitors all year round and is one of the most beautiful and interesting corners of this country.  Photo: BGNES

The natural phenomenon, known to local people as Stone Forest or the planted stones (“pobitite kamani” in Bulgarian) spreads across the western part of the Varna Plateau on an area of 50 square kilometers. A small part of the overall complex stands close to the town of Beloslav. The locality is known as the Sand-pit as it was the source of quartz sand derived for the needs of the glass plant at Beloslav.  The unique thing here is that at the spot one can observe all five levels of the Planted Stones.  Photo: BTA

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A day in pictures

World Animal Day, October 4, was marked today at the Zoo-veterinary Center in Plovdiv with a colorful feast for the kids. Special guest to the show was the Old English Sheepdog Dog Mon (to the left), who has taken part in dozens of charity..

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A day in pictures

This year’s archeological season of the team of the National Archeological Institute with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, working on the site of the ancient town of Bononia, closed with very interesting finds. The Bononia..

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A day in pictures

Within the forum dedicated to the 30 th anniversary since the start of democratic changes in Bulgaria and on the occasion of the 25 th anniversary since the inauguration of the Friederich Ebert Foundation – Bulgaria, well-known photographer..

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