Start of new parliamentary season meets expectations for hot political autumn

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The unexpectedly sharp address, read by President Rumen Radev from the parliamentary tribune, in which he accused the government of being one of the few that had not discussed their ruling program with the National Assembly, sparked an angry reaction from the ruling party. In a statement on the occasion, GERB's parliamentary group chair Daniela Daritkova expressed her expectation that Vice President Iliana Yotova would assist with her political experience in finding solutions, so that the current president did not remain in history as the most negative-opinionated head of state, characterized by threatening public peace and devaluing the veto institution. Regarding the new session of the legislature, Daritkova was confident that the ruling party would continue to fulfill the commitments and promises made to Bulgarian citizens at the beginning of the current term in office and would work together with other political forces to maintain confidence in the democratic processes and parliamentarism in this country.

The parliamentary group of “BSP for Bulgaria” also criticized the government. On behalf of the group, Socialist leader Cornelia Ninova announced that a constitutional complaint would be filed against the practice of the ruling government to use money from the state budget for party purposes. The main goals that BSP for Bulgaria will pursue in the new political season are restoring the role of the state, raising incomes, creating rules for the proper functioning of the judicial system and for protecting the rule of law.

The MRF also issued a highly critical declaration, which called for a dialogue in order for national priorities to be set. According to the movement, statehood was on the verge of collapse, governance was dysfunctional and inoperative, and there existed inter-institutional and political wars that must stop. That is why the MRF has called for a whole new vision with long-term effect.

On behalf of the United Patriots Coalition, which is GERB's partner in the government, its co-chairman Iskren Veselinov called for a review of what the government has achieved or failed to achieve. At a separate briefing, Ataka Party MP Yavor Notev said that what remained of the United Patriots' parliamentary group after three Ataka members were expelled from it, was not the formation that Bulgarian citizens voted for anymore. It also became clear that the remaining 4 Ataka MPs were also leaving the United Patriots' parliamentary group.

The opening of the new parliamentary session justified and even exceeded expectations for a hot political autumn. On the eve of the local elections, which are to take place at the end of October, confrontation between the executive power and the President has not subsided but seems to have intensified. With the withdrawal of all members of the Ataka Party from the United Patriots parliamentary group, it is now in reality composed of two, instead of three, political forces, which could lead to claims for a change in the coalition agreement. The unusually sharp tone in the MRF's declaration raises questions whether the party was offering participation in it under the claim of a "new vision of governance". Keeping in mind the upcoming local elections and the focus of the parties on them, the increased level of confrontation seen at the beginning of the new political season will not escalate into subsequent events before them. However, such events can be expected in November, following the second round of local elections.

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