A day in pictures

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World Animal Day, October 4, was marked today at the Zoo-veterinary Center in Plovdiv with a colorful feast for the kids. Special guest to the show was the Old English Sheepdog Dog Mon (to the left), who has taken part in dozens of charity campaigns in the city.  Photos: BTA

A high assessment was given at the closing military drill “Ramstei Guard Bgr – 2019”. The drill took place September 29 through October 4, on the territory and in the air space of Bulgaria, under the leadership of the NATO Allied Air Command at Torrejon, Spain. Photo: mod.bg

The jubilee exhibition of painter Atanas Stoyanov is one of the accents in the cultural events programme of Burgas municipality in October. On the occasion of his 50th birthday the artist presents 50 of his works, among which viewers can see drawings, water-colors, paintings and sculpture. The collection is arranged on the premises of the gallery of the Burgas Artists Society.  Photo: BTA

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A day in pictures

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A day in pictures

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A day in pictures

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