Artist Rada Yakova’s creative paths

Photo: @ArtHouseSofia

According to Rada Yakova, success of an artist is not measured by the number of paintings sold, but by the extent to which they have succeeded in developing their own style and individuality in art. Rada is a Bulgarian who has been living and working abroad for many years. Recently, she has had her first exhibition in Bulgaria after appearing in a number of prestigious galleries in Prague, Amsterdam, The Hague, New York, Vienna and London.

The Sofia House exhibited paintings by the artist dedicated to the modern woman, created in the period 2017-2019 using mixed technique and combined under the common name "Prelude". Rada Yakova graduated from the Sofia School of Art and studied painting at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She has been pursuing a career in the Netherlands for 7 years. She says that it was not easy to organize an exhibition in Sofia from a purely logistical point of view, because her canvases are large and difficult to carry over long distances. She accepted the invitation as a compliment to her art. I like quoting one of my professors who used to say that the real artist is painting with a big brush, Rada Yakova says and continues:

“This idea means courage. My first studio was about 70 square meters large and I didn't know what to do inside so I decided I had the opportunity to make huge canvases. Someone told me I couldn't do, but that's exactly what motivates me a lot. I started painting large canvases, but they are difficult to carry around or sell, but this is my passion. I've been trying to get out of the canvas lately, which means using a completely different medium, like video, doing it as an experiment.

My topic is the woman and whatever I draw, I convey it through the image of the woman. This topic has been exciting for me since I have become a mother. Everything that a woman encounters in this world excites me: the roles we play in the social world, being mothers, housewives, being kind and-hard working at the same time. These are clichés and yet we follow them. I am rebelling against them, but in our struggle to be equal with men, we must not forget that women's greatest strength is femininity. This is how I portray the woman in my paintings - strong, feminine and confident. These things complement each other. I hope I have left some space for the viewer to put their own thoughts, feelings and ideas in there.”

The artist has been working at the Royal Picture Gallery in The Hague, organizing events and cultural events for English-speaking foreigners, who are half of the city's residents. In addition, Rada has been organizing workshops for children.

“The other thing I have been doing is working in my studio,” the artist adds. “I do exhibitions, it's not easy, but the system allows it. In old schools, which are about to be demolished, artists are allowed to use their imagination on the walls. I have a great classroom where I can mess around. The Netherlands has taught me many things, as I have become much more open to each person, much more tolerant. Before my exhibition in Sofia I came back from a plein air event of artists in Burgas. During these trips I met many colleagues, and I am very pleased. I have always dreamed that artists have the quality of being broad-minded people. I really liked what I saw and I am very excited to be in Bulgaria and meet its world-class artists.”

English: Alexander Markov

Photos: @ArtHouseSofia


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