Superman Project encourages people to live their dreams

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Georgi Nenov has been providing a tribune to the ‘superhumans’ among us Although he says that the only thing that connects him with philosopher Nietzsche is his knowledge of German, in his podcast, "The Superhuman," Georgi meets people who have awakened the hero within themselves and dared to live the life of their dreams. Through interviews in the web, he encourages his listeners to believe that they can accomplish the things that matter to them.

“My guests tell me their life stories – what they went through, what decisions they made, what lessons they learned,” Georgi Nenov says. “And then I hope that listeners would benefit from recognizing themselves in some part of the story. It is about sharing life experience that could be useful for each of us.”

He decided to devote himself entirely to the project in Hamburg, where he used to work at the Lufthansa headquarters. But realizing that he would later regret if he did not develop his project, he left and returned to Bulgaria.

“When I came up with the idea three years ago, I realized that one of the problems I face on a daily basis is people's negative attitude,” he says. “People are bombarded with information that nothing good happens here, that there is only violence, murder and all kinds of problems. But at the same time, I have seen some inspiring people we don’t hear about on TV and I wanted to show that they have made progress in their lives. Moreover, changing society starts with changing ourselves.”

According to Georgi, all of his guests have the energy of creativity and can transfer it to others. That is why his interviews sometimes can even change human lives. Unfortunately, however, we often find external justifications for our failures and seek change the easiest way – through some magic pill that takes us to a higher level. Unfortunately, there is no formula for success in life, says Georgi Nenov. However, successful people organize their lives according to universal principles.

“These people have several things in common,” he continues. “First, they have the courage to try, which is extremely important. Most people give up even before they tried, in comparison to those who took the first step and tried to achieve a result. Second, successful people act and do not wait for something else to move them forward. For them, the most important time is the present moment. They take responsibility and do not say that external factors are to blame, but believe that results depend on their own actions. And in addition to all this, perseverance is very important as we cannot expect that one action would change everything at once. Every day, with each of our actions we must be getting better.”

Georgi Nenov manages to motivate hundreds of people, but says he cannot call himself “superhuman.” Maybe because he still has much more goals to achieve and still needs to make that decisive step that would make him completely happy and satisfied.

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