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Cooking can be fun – Culinary children’s academy

The hustle and bustle of everyday life, heaps of responsibilities and lack of money are just some of the reasons why some parents see food as “fast” more than anything else. But they don’t seem to realize they are setting a bad example for..

25.08.16 11:11 |

Game Evolution – unifying traditional and digital sports

Gaming – this is an industry worth USD 3.8 bln., 2015 income to the tune of USD 325 mln., 70% in annual growth and 226 mln. fans, rapidly on the rise. South Korea, considered to be the Mecca of gaming has even turned it into an extracurricular..

17.08.16 14:50 |

La "Game Evolution" concilie sports traditionnels et électroniques

Une industrie qui pèse 3,8 milliards de dollars, des revenus en 2015 à la hauteur de 325 millions de dollars, une croissance annuelle de 70% et une armée de 226 millions d’accros, qui augmente sans cesse – telle est la définition du gaming (jeu vidéo)...

16.08.16 11:33 |

“Green Library” or why spend time in the park, book in hand

For the second consecutive year every Saturday in August, Sofia City Library opens summer reading-areas in the capital's parks. The first such reading-area was open on the 6th August from 10am to 3pm in Sofia's Boris Garden. The second one..

13.08.16 09:05 |

"Sandacite.bg" makes people acquainted with little-known Bulgarian inventions

Sandacite.bg is an online project for a virtual museum dedicated to old Bulgarian technical equipment. It was created in 2007 by Anton Orush. The site offers pictures, information and reference data about various Bulgarian devices produced over the..

03.08.16 15:52 |

Traditional folklore and street art meet during Balkan Art Festival

In the period July 22 - 24, the third edition of the Balkan Art Festival took place in Karnobat( Southeastern Bulgaria) and the aim was getting together through various events aimed at different generations and arts. More than 30 folk bands from..

29.07.16 15:23 |

Bulgarian students launch Talking Bacteria project

Are bacteria able to speak and if so, on what principle? Evgeniya Mihaylova and Natali Atanasova are part of the first Bulgarian team which has the ambition to participate at the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition iGEM held..

15.07.16 09:52 |

Des étudiants bulgares font parler les bactéries

Evguénia Mikhaylova et Nathalie Atanassova font partie de la première équipe bulgare avec des ambitions de prendre part à la compétition internationale de biologie synthétique et d’ingénierie génétique iGEM qui se tient chaque année à Boston. Il s’agit..

13.07.16 13:02 |

TuxCon: how to work with hands and heart on new technology

On 9 and 10 July, Plovdiv hosts for a third time the TuxCon conference that highlights open-source software and hardware technology. The topics that will be discussed during the event will be diverse, with part of them addressing professionals..

06.07.16 14:07 |
The logo of StotinkaOS has several hidden meanings. The round shape is reminiscent of a coin. The circle with the openings on four sides symbolizes gates/exits to the four cardinal directions of the world, making an association with freedom. The letter „S” in the middle of the circle is not only the first letter of the name, but also a symbol of the direction that the team has chosen – South, because “it is always nice and comfortable for everyone there”. Stotinka Оperating System, or SOS, is an abbreviation that speaks enough of itself. Symbolism is also about that everybody has access to the timely assistance they need, delivered in a language that is simple and easy to comprehend.

StotinkaOS – Bulgarian alternative to leading operational systems

Meet StotinkaOS – a free Bulgarian Linux distribution, or an operational system, based on the Linux core. A Bulgarian team has turned this server-oriented operational system into a PC version, adding its own software packages and providing..

29.06.16 11:45 |