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Bulgarian biodegradable toothbrushes keep the environment clean

About a year ago Atanas Arsov and his team decided to start a business of their own on the crest of the bio-wave sweeping over markets abroad and tricking into Bulgaria. They first decided to develop a toothpaste but found their resources to be..

26.03.16 08:35 |

Authentic Bulgarian weddings back in vogue

When a year ago Nevena Zhekova started planning her own wedding, she wanted it to be different by honouring Bulgarian tradition. And while she was engaged in planning it, she came to realize that the experience she had accumulated – education,..

20.03.16 09:05 |

Elena Marinova: Women in Bulgaria are successful in all walks of life

Elena Marinova is president and partner in one of the largest software companies in Bulgaria. She is currently member of the Managing Board of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technology (BAIT) and of the Advisory Council in Information..

08.03.16 14:20 |

Bulgarian symbols of spring arranged in an exhibition

Welcoming the spring is an act of hope and optimism for many people across the globe and in Bulgaria it goes with an ancient ritual. On 1 March Bulgarians give to friends and family red and white tassels (martenitsa). The classical martenitsa may also..

01.03.16 12:22 |

Demand for Bulgarian organic products grows

The world's leading trade fair for organic food BIOFACH ended recently in the German city of Nuremberg. Bulgaria took part in the food fair for the first time. Chairperson of Bulgarian Organic Products Association Albena Simeonova told Radio..

27.02.16 16:15 |

A Bulgarian micro farm: work while not at home

Four years ago, Ludmil Egov invented a machine for seed germination unique for Bulgaria. Using the machine any family can grow healthy food at home such as sprouts, seedlings and even mushrooms at a symbolic price of one euro a month. These..

10.02.16 15:33 |

Bulgaria has great people with great ideas, Plamen Rusev says

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, attended by 2,500 of the most influential leaders in business and politics was an event that not a single owner of a global company would want to miss. However, certain criteria..

09.02.16 14:06 |

Ekaterina Karabasheva, the woman who overcame anorexia, one of Forbes’ “30 under 30”: Have faith in yourselves and never give up!

The Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe List: The 300 Top Young Leaders, Inventors and Brash Entrepreneurs, spanning ten diverse categories includes four Bulgarian names. Ekaterina Karabasheva and Hristo Tenchev are in the Social Entrepreneurs category..

31.01.16 09:25 |

Bizz IT charity event in Sofia

The first Bizz IT charity conference is taking place in Sofia on 23 January. The event will feature discussions at which some of the most prominent names in the sphere will be answering questions like: “How does one build an IT business and..

14.01.16 11:12 |

Fortitude from a Bulgarian perspective in a film by Stefan Apostolov

Bulgarian actor and film director Stefan Apostolov, who has been living and working in USA these past eight years, has now set himself an ambitious task – to make a film demonstrating the power of the will from the perspective of Bulgarian..

16.12.15 13:42 |