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Is cyber security a contradiction in terms?

We all know that any system is only as strong as its weakest link. The overall number of cyberattacks in Bulgaria this year has been declining compared to last year, but they have been growing more and more powerful, the National Cyber..

09.12.15 13:46 |
author: Pavel Constantin, Romania

What makes people in the Balkans laugh?

Can there be a better way to start the day than with a smile? Before the age of the Internet and easy access to a host of jokes 24/7, it was newspapers that served a portion of cartoons every day. There is a Chinese saying that a picture is worth..

19.11.15 11:41 |

Seventy years of higher technical education in Bulgaria

The start was given to higher engineering education in Bulgaria with the law establishing a Higher Technical School in Sofia, published in the Official State Gazette in June 1941. Classes started on 5, October 1942 and continued until the..

15.11.15 09:05 |
King Ferdinand feeds the first couple of elephants in Bulgaria, Nal and Damayanti, brought for Sofia Zoo. The photo is taken in the yard of Vrana Residence, early 20th century

Internet platform shows little known facts about Bulgaria’s history

The past does not consist of official historical facts only. It is also the personal experience of the events. The project named My Bulgarian History aims at proving that thesis. Some little-known stories which have been left outside the..

13.11.15 12:55 |

Bulgarian plays accessible online

Through the first of its kind platform in Bulgaria, named Digital Theatre, the Bulgarian communities abroad and the fans of theatre, dance and music can now enjoy Bulgarian stage art from the comfort of their home. The service kicked off..

12.11.15 12:38 |

Istoriya Slavyanobalgarskaya-the indispensable book

The patriotic initiative linked with the publishing of the luxurious edition of Slavonic-Bulgarian History by Saint Paisius of Hylendar, dedicated to its 250 th anniversary, continues. Georgi Peshev who is part of the team which started the..

09.11.15 10:42 |

Electric cars – the reasonable investment

Actual ideas for the easing of city traffic jams do exist and those have been already implemented across several countries. For instance, more than one passenger per car is encouraged, within separate lanes, let’s say. Companies pay extra money to..

07.11.15 09:15 |

Register of loyal merchants gives start of complete consumer protection system

The incomes of the greater number of Bulgarian consumers are very limited and the major criteria when choosing goods and services are low prices. The National Association for Consumer Protection and the Sofia Chamber of Commerce and Industry have..

30.10.15 14:24 |

Bulgarian company launches personal dental plaque detector

One way to prevent cavities or gingivitis is by regulating the diet and eliminating foods that favor the generation of tooth cavity-causing bacteria. A more radical option though is simply to remove such bacteria from the mouth. It seems that..

21.09.15 09:05 |

Telecommunication sector in Bulgaria almost ready for 4G, while Europe prepares for 5G

The telecommunication network spreads over the globe and in fact it is the largest and most complicated machine created by man. Data from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for 2014 show that the number of users of mobile services..

18.09.15 15:09 |