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Fotofabrika Festival calls to preserve the human in us

The Fotofabrika /or Photo Factory/ Festival for documentary and art photography has been launched in Sofia and will last till October 29. Marginal Man – that is the subject that unites this year’s events – 5 exhibitions, three photography workshops and..

16.09.15 12:29 |

Bulgarian global leader in semantic technologies to be listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange

Semantic technologies for data processing are in a nutshell search tools that scan a database not only on the basis of keywords but also based on logical connections and context. A Bulgarian company positioned as a technology leader in this..

09.09.15 13:45 |

Grandma Residence

A group of 18 young people spent a bit over a month in four villages above the Rhodope town of Laki – Djurkovo, Dryanovo, Yugovo and Manastir. The latter is the highest inhabited spot not only in Bulgaria, but in the Balkans. The whole initiative..

30.08.15 09:45 |

Beglika Fest 2015 and its slogan Create, Play, Be

The 7 th edition of the Beglika Fest at the Golyam Beglik dam in the Western Rhodope Range /August 27 – 30/ is devoted to the real and conscious exchange of knowledge, goods and services, along with emotions and ideas for the future. The slogan..

27.08.15 13:07 |

Smartphone city transport tickets for Sofia and Burgas – on their way

The Seedstars World Company has now won the national round of the international entrepreneurship contest for city transport e-tickets. When the team members faced all the difficulties at buying tickets across the big city, noticing at the same..

20.08.15 14:12 |

Most debts collected by collection companies belong to natural persons

The debts of Bulgarian citizens which had to be collected by the collection agencies increased with over EUR 75 million year on year, are search of the Association of the Collection Agencies in Bulgaria shows. However, it does not mean that the total..

06.08.15 10:39 |
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Sofia Breathes Festival: a gulp of fresh air in the big city

The Sofia Breathes Festival for urban culture and nature-friendly thinking is underway for a sixth year in a row. On each August Sunday a different point in the center of Sofia hosts a fair of artists, craftsmen and producers. Every week the theme..

04.08.15 12:58 |
Photo fuse: Sylvia Petrova

India’s road to Europe – does it run via Bulgaria?

India, one of the fastest growing economies in the world with its 7 th place in the world and third place in Asia in terms of GDP, offers vast business opportunities to Bulgarian companies, says Stefan Ionkov, Head of the Commercial and Economic Office..

21.07.15 09:15 |

The soup kitchen where hope has a home

In 1999, on the day of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin (November 21) a group of young people decided to launch a meal centre in front of the Church of Ilya the Prophet in Sofia's housing district Drouzhba. They started to collect money and..

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