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Spring Festival of Bulgarian folklore and traditions kicks off in London

A true celebration of Bulgarian identity and love for this country will be organized by our compatriots living in the London borough of Enfield. On March 22, they will launch the spring festival of Bulgarian folklore and traditions...

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Pancho Vladigerov, figura clave de la cultura musical de Bulgaria

Pancho Vladigerov, gran compositor, pianista y pedagogo búlgaro, fue una de las personalidades más influyentes de Bulgaria en la época del siglo XX. Su voluminosa obra incluye unos 70 opus, entre los cuales hay piezas que forman la base de nuestra..

15.03.14 в 09:00 |

Pancho Vladigerov: 115 years since his birth

Renowned Bulgarian composer, pianist and lecturer Pancho Vladigerov is one of the most prominent Bulgarian names of the 20 th century. His numerous works, numbering around 70 opuses have left a mark in musical history. They..

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Conductor Dimitar Hristov on upcoming The Rhythm of the Balkans concert

“The music in our lands shows how close we are. It is the unique brand of the Balkans that makes us different from other cultures across the world”, argues Dimitar Hristov, conductor of the Bulgarian National Radio folk music band. An original..

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Las adivinanzas y predicciones del futuro en el folclor búlgaro

Conscientes de la unidad indisoluble de lo material y lo inmaterial, lo mismo que muchos otros pueblos, el búlgaro aplicaba tradicionalmente diferentes métodos mágicos para protegerse del mal y de las fuerzas invisibles. Los ritos mágicos se..

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I Want to Say - a new album by Nedyalko Nedyalkov (shepherd’s flute)

I Want to Say is like the beginning of a sentence and its completion can take various directions. Shepherd’s flute player Nedyalko Nedyalkov has selected this title for his solo album to suggest the variety of themes and styles that it..

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The bread-making room in the Oslekov house, Koprivshtitsa, 1856

A side here, a side there with white snow in the middle

Bread and wine are so pure that there is no evil to mar their sanctity. They are used for komka, or communion. Magic cannot affect bread and wine. We have to revisit these traditional notions every time we talk about a myriad of rituals in..

09.03.14 в 08:25 |

Christiane Karam: I try to find a common language between different cultures

Christiane Karam was born in Beirut which is where her father comes from. She started playing the piano at a very young age. She received the first lessons from her mother - an Armenian born in the Lebanese capital. Today she sings jazz, pop..

07.03.14 в 13:47 |
Verka Siderova upon receiving the award

Verka Siderova is the first winner of the Boris Mashalov award

On the occasion of the 100 th birth anniversary of the legendary folk singer Boris Mashalov, a prize in his name has been established. It will be awarded to the winners in an upcoming competition, as well as renowned folk artists who have..

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Artesas en la casa de Oslekov, Koprivshtitsa, 1856

La artesa, parte del espacio mágico del antiguo hogar búlgaro

El pan y el vino son absolutamente puros y no hay mal que pueda infringir el hecho de que son sagrados. Los dos sirven para preparar la eucaristía, en el cristianismo ortodoxo. Hemos de recordar esto siempre cuando hablamos de los múltiples ritos en..

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