Drop in at the Chestnut Festival in Brezhani village

20 October is a very special day in Brezhani village near Simitli – it is the day of the Chestnut Festival. This is the 9 th year in which the “People and Tradition” association, and the villagers, are organizing this much-loved..

20.10.18 в 10:10 | Life

Bulgaria welcomes vote by Macedonian parliament in favour of country name change

With a qualified two-thirds majority – 80 out of a total of 120 MPs – parliament in Skopje voted the amendments to the constitution that will allow the country to change its name to the Republic of North Macedonia. The name change, put down in..

20.10.18 в 10:08 | News
„Geography“ of Idrisi – one of the four full copies preserved in the World

"St. Cyril and Methodius" National Library stores third largest archive of Ottoman documents in the world

Among the treasures owned by Bulgaria is the Ottoman archive, kept in the funds of the Sts. Cyril and Methodius National Library. Its foundations were laid with the opening of the library - the first cultural institution created after the..

20.10.18 в 08:35 | History and religion

Bulgarian artists win award at Berlin Festival of Lights for the third time

The show “Flow”, dedicated to the bond between humans and technology projected onto the façade of the TV tower in Berlin, brought its Bulgarian authors first prize in the “Let’s create a Better Future” category at the major Festival of Lights..

20.10.18 в 08:00 | Culture

Bulgaria’s rotational presidency of EU Strategy for Danube Region handed over to Romania

Bulgaria has submitted the rotating presidency of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region to Romania. Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Denitsa Nikolova, who is National Coordinator of the Strategy, handed over the symbol of..

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Vice-President Iliana Yotova opens Bulgarian fountain in Hungarian town of Sieggetsmikloks

Vice President Iliyana Yotova is on a working visit to Hungary at the invitation of the Bulgarian community there. During her visit, Yotova met with representatives of the Bulgarian Republican Self-Government in Hungary. In the city of..

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The future arrives today – Automotive Forum and Expo Sofia 2018

Those who think the future is something far away and unclear are wrong. Everyone can be sure that it is here today if you visit the Automotive Forum & Expo Sofia 2018. The exhibition can be seen in the Inter Expo Center in Sofia and is open..

19.10.18 в 16:23 | Economy

Minister Tsacheva: It is unthinkable that Bulgarian border guards sued in Turkey would be extradited

Extraditing four Bulgarian border guards accused by Turkey of killing a Turkish citizen is completely out of the question. The Bulgarian state will provide funds for their judicial protection. This was declared by the Minister of Justice Tsetska Tsacheva in..

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A day in pictures

Sofia Seminary St. Ivan Rilski marks today its Patron Day and its 115 th anniversary. A Holy Mass was served at the seminary’s temple, named after St. Ivan Rilski. The Mass was served by Bishop Yoan, in the presence of Patriarch Neophyte...

19.10.18 в 10:24 | A day in pictures

PM Borissov: Bulgaria is actively working to strengthen Balkan connectivity

Bulgaria has been working actively to strengthen Balkan connectivity. This was stated by PM Boyko Borissov at the 12th ASEM Summit (ASEM12) Europe and Asia in Brussels, which this year is hosted by the EU. Borisosv recalled that connectivity was one of the..

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