Borovets - rich palette of opportunities for recreation and sport

One of the mountain resorts that is close to the Bulgarian capital city and where mountain lovers can indulge in their hobby is Borovets. Located about 70 km away from Sofia, Borovets is appealing to mountaineers, not only in winter but in summer, too...

published on 1/2/17 10:15 AM

Bulgarians opt for their country’s resorts on New Year

New Year is a community type of fest, unlike Christmas which we tend to spend with our closest relatives. Tourist branch experts call the last day of the year ‘a corporate fest’, as many opt for teambuilding-like events, especially if they work in small..

published on 12/30/16 1:27 PM

203 challenges for travelers: the beginning

On the eve of the Christmas holiday season the book “ 203 challenges for travelers ” by Maria Angelova had its premiere in Sofia. The new book is a sequel of previous ones published in 2015 and 2016 - “50 places to visit in Bulgaria” (the two..

published on 12/17/16 9:35 AM
Ostrich Peak

Babintsi: a magical village of sheer beauty

There are so many sights of inimitable beauty and charm to be discovered when you are travelling around Bulgaria, places with an energy that seems magnetic and some will stay with you forever. One such place is the portion of the Balkan Range in..

published on 12/3/16 9:05 AM

UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai: "To preserve a place, we need to respect it”

On the eve of 2017, declared by the UN for International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, Sofia hosted an International Congress on World Civilizations and Modern Tourism organized by the World Tourism Organisation. More than 100..

published on 12/2/16 2:28 PM
The Buhalov Inn

Ancient Karlovo tourist complex showcases the lifestyle of Revival-time Bulgarians

Just like Plovdiv and quite a few other Bulgarian towns, Karlovo has its Old Town. The narrow cobble-stone alleys lead up to beautiful houses built out of wood and stone in the style, typical of the Bulgarian National Revival period. Five of..

published on 11/26/16 8:35 AM

Touching the limit: kayaking from Durankulak to Rezovo

Just like the sea breeze, the desire for adventure in some people never subsides. Doni Kaltcheva and Venelina Velichkova prove this with their story of a different summer vacation. Instead of lying on the beach, the two friends decided to see..

published on 11/12/16 9:20 AM

Three hundred year-old clock tower measures time in Bulgarian town of Zlatitsa

The clock tower in Zlatitsa (Central South Bulgaria) has turned over the years into the most popular place and a symbol of that Bulgarian town. Many old clock towers in Bulgaria, some of them built 300 years ago, preserved their authentic..

published on 11/5/16 9:10 AM

Meetings on the road: “If I love grad”

Do not look for translation of the phrase “If I love grad,” because you won’t find it. This is actually the feeling you get if you pay a visit to Ivaylovgrad. It is a place that you do not want to leave and where you feel relaxed and..

published on 10/28/16 1:39 PM

Bulgaria’s tourism marks successful year. What about 2017?

Over 6 million foreign tourists have visited Bulgaria in 2016, which is 16% more as compared to 2015. Their total number, including Bulgarian tourists, exceeds 8 million. We have been making this statistics since 1991 and our data shows that 2016 has..

published on 10/14/16 12:04 PM