Taking a gentle autumn hike in Ponor Mountain

If you are wondering where to go for a relaxing mountain hike in these sunny days of Indian summer, Mount Ponor would be an excellent choice. A karst mountain in the central part of the Western portion of the Balkan Range, its highest peak is..

published on 10/14/18 8:00 AM

Sofia second in Europe in growth of international overnight visitors for 2017

Sofia is second in Europe in growth of international overnight visitors in 2017, compared to the previous year, the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index shows. The index includes 162 countries. The growth rate is 15.2..

published on 10/13/18 10:05 AM

Procedure launched to grant Buzludzha monument cultural monument status

A procedure has been initiated, via the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, to grant the monument on Buzludzha peak cultural monument status. The monument, erected in the 1980s as a “Bulgarian Communist Party House”, has fallen into..

published on 10/7/18 11:10 AM

Tourism – the magic wand that wipes out prejudice and helps neighbours get to know one another

Until ten years ago or so, tourism in Bulgaria meant nothing more than going to the seaside on the Black Sea, or to the skiing resorts Bansko, Borovets or Pamporovo. Cultural and historical destinations, ecotourism or rural tourism,..

published on 10/3/18 12:37 PM

Hiking in the valley of Beli Iskar River

Mount Rila is breathtaking! In the winter it displays the snow caps of its peaks. In the spring it looks perfectly rejuvenated in its lush garments, in the summer it gleams with the scorching bright sun and in the autumn fascinates the eye with..

published on 9/30/18 11:15 AM

The National Museum of the Textile Industry in Sliven displays machinery attesting the 19th c. industrial upsurge

There is a page in the history of the Bulgarian National Revival era which expresses very succinctly the desire of Bulgarians for economic and spiritual prosperity. It might come as a surprise but the industrialization of Bulgaria began long..

published on 9/28/18 11:10 AM

Bulgarian Black Sea golf course rated among top 10 worldwide

Bulgaria features quite well on the golf destination map of the planet! It may be surprising to some but is in fact the result of many years of efforts and dedication. Earlier this month the blog golfscape carried a ranking of the 18..

published on 9/26/18 2:38 PM

UNESCO lists Nesebar on its travel website

A new travel site of UNESCO popularizes destinations globally and the ancient Black Sea town of Nesebar is one of them. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites webpage, developed with the contribution of National Geographic includes 34 destinations,..

published on 9/20/18 2:07 PM

Hisarya - an ancient town amidst warm mineral springs

The August sun hung low over the ridges of mount Sredna Gora. It illuminated the old-world walls with its crimson rays, lending them a fanciful colour, air and effect. That is how the patriarch of Bulgarian literature Ivan..

published on 9/1/18 8:00 AM

Starosel village and its triple attraction

Starosel village lies between a mountain – Sredna Gora, and a plain – the Thracian plain – and it offers a triple attraction for people with a variety of interests. Starting with those with an interest in the history of the ancient..

published on 8/28/18 12:00 PM