Bulgarian tourism is slipping down the slope of its own success

Bulgarian tourism has shown a steady upward trend over the past four years, reaching a more than 31 percent increase in the number of tourists over this same period. Last year the growth rate, compared to 2017, stood at 4.4 percent, with the..

published on 4/15/19 1:59 PM

Preparations for November Tourism Exhibition in Sofia begin

The Travel Expo tourist exhibition will be held in November this year at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. It will be directed to end users of tourist services only. Tour operators, travel agencies and hotels must guarantee that..

published on 4/14/19 11:05 AM

Bulgarian Black Sea resort Sunny Beach is cheapest and most-preferred destination by British tourists

The Bulgarian Black Sea resort Sunny Beach is the cheapest tourist destination for British tourists. That is why Sunny Beach is extremely popular among the British nationals, a new survey carried out in the United Kingdom shows. The..

published on 4/13/19 9:35 AM

Small town of Dryanovo hosts 4th parade of retro cars

In 2015, the owner of old cars Stefan Ivanov approached the local municipal authorities with the idea to organize a parade of classic vintage cars. His suggestion was positively received and this year the event will be held for the..

published on 4/13/19 8:05 AM

Be a pilot or mechanic for a day in Burgas Aviation Museum

Are you curious to try out food cosmonauts eat? Are you dreaming of designing a plane? Or maybe you just want to be a mechanic for a day? It could all happen easily on April 12 – World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day and the place is the Museum of..

published on 4/10/19 4:15 PM

Free walking tours launched in Varna

For the sixth year running free walking tours are being launched in Varna organized by the “Tourism” directorate and the Tourist Information Centre, in partnership with the Association of Bulgarian Tour Guides. A total of 110 tours are..

published on 4/7/19 9:35 AM

Tourist itineraries in Krichim hunting area near Plovdiv to be restored

At the end of last year, by a Council of Ministers decision, Krichim hunting area was assigned to the Southwestern State Enterprise for management. The hunting area is located 5 kilometres form Trakia motorway in a beautiful park with..

published on 4/7/19 8:15 AM

Bulgarian pilgrimage route to connect Veliko Turnovo with Rila Monastery

To mark the 550 th anniversary of the return of the relics of St. Yoan of Rila from Veliko Turnovo to Rila Monastery, in July a group of tourists will follow the route along which the saint’s relics were once carried. The idea for..

published on 3/24/19 9:35 AM

Mobile application helps tourists with information about landmarks and events in Plovdiv

In the recent years Plovdiv has been attracting various foreign investors who launched their production bases in the city economic zone. As a result, unemployment levels in this Bulgarian region fell significantly. In 2019 the city of Plovdiv..

published on 3/16/19 8:20 AM
Megalith above the village of Buzovgrad, Kazanlak region

The Black Sea Megalithic bow – questions rather than answers

The Megaliths – these mysterious rock objects, created millennia back in history, can be found in various parts of the world. Scholars divide them in Dolmens and Menhirs. Dolmens are stone structures in the shape of a cube with a large square..

published on 3/9/19 8:25 AM