Holiday & Spa Expo International Tourist Fair this year with a focus on balneo and spa tourism

For the 36 th time, from February 14 th to the 16 th , Sofia’s Inter Expo Centre is hosting the Holiday & Spa Expo International Tourist Fair with the participation of hotel and tour operators, and tourist destinations in 25..

published on 2/15/19 2:10 PM

Bilingual wine route map helps visitors discover the beauty of Melnik region

Wine has been an important element of the tradition, the life and a staple in the diet of Bulgarians since ancient times. The fertile soil and the temperate continental climate in this country combine to create just the right conditions for..

published on 2/13/19 12:48 PM
Провиралката над село Лиляч, в рамките на мегалитен комплекс.

Crawl-hole rocks and their therapeutic properties

Bulgaria is relative small in size and population. However, those who get to know this country better would definitely admit that it deserves high recognition for its rich history, bounteous and beautiful nature, colorful traditions and the..

published on 1/1/19 9:00 AM

Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism has given prizes to the best in the sector in 2018

The Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism has presented its annual awards in the tourism industry. During a ceremony at the Military Club in Sofia, the winners in 16 categories were announced after online voting, which took place in the period..

published on 12/12/18 3:19 PM

Cultural and historical heritage promotes regional development

On November 15 and 16 Bulgaria hosted the Second International Congress on World Civilizations and Historic Routes. The forum organized by the World Tourism Organization gathered in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia over 500 participants from all..

published on 11/21/18 1:03 PM

Staff training is among priorities of Bulgaria’s Ministry of Tourism

There is shortage of personnel in Bulgaria’s tourism both in the winter and the summer tourist seasons, Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova said at the Interdepartmental Council on Tourism Staff. Bulgaria’s Minister of Labor and..

published on 11/13/18 2:39 PM

Village of Gumoshtnik fascinates tourists with historical landmarks and beautiful scenery

Thank You Lord for letting us see the sunrise again and let us enjoy the sunset, too – such prayers and words of thankfulness used to give the start of each new day in the small village of Gumoshtnik (Lovech district) situated near the town of..

published on 11/11/18 8:25 AM

Social network contributes to revival of Bulgarian villages

The number of depopulated Bulgarian villages increased five times in the past two years due to various problems. Solving these problems would allow people to find new opportunities to improve the quality of life and live in a peaceful and clean..

published on 11/7/18 10:13 AM

Digital transformation - new challenge facing Bulgarian tourism

The digital transformation in tourism has been the main theme of a discussion organized by the National Tourism Board and the Ministry of Tourism in Sofia. A number of experts and entrepreneurs took part in the forum and presented their..

published on 11/6/18 12:51 PM

The village of Kosovo where time has stood still

Seasons come and go, and we, wrapped in our everyday lives, seem to have lost contact with nature. We accumulate cares, years, frustration weighing heavy on us. If we can only tear ourselves away for a day, if we just heed the song of..

published on 11/3/18 8:15 AM