The ecotrail in Devinska River gorge – pristine nature and hot mineral water

A wonderfully scenic trail – Strouilitsa-Lukata – meanders in the heart of a mountain shrouded in legend, the Rhodopes, just two kilometers from the town of Devin. The trail twists and turns in the gorge of Devinska River, bizarre rock..

published on 6/11/17 8:15 AM

Mountains teach us hard lessons during springtime hiking

Bulgarian mountains may look very tempting for hiking during the weekend in springtime. People who do not often hike imagine the mountain very much like a nearby park with green trees, blossoming grasses and bird songs over our heads. Only the..

published on 5/21/17 9:00 AM

St. George’s Day in Yakoruda – a romantic journey onthe narrow-gauge railway

In the early morning of St. George's Day, people from all over the country will take a journey back in time to get in touch with the beauty of nature and the purity of the human soul. And while the train is moving along the narrow-gauge line..

published on 5/5/17 2:30 PM

Following the hiking route in the foothills of the Balkan range, near Eleshnitsa village

There are so many places around Sofia offering enjoyable strolls to well-trained or weekend hikers. There is one hiking route in the region of Eleshnitsa village that is particularly suited for hikers of the second variety. An intercity bus..

published on 4/26/17 2:20 PM

Visiting St. Ivan Rilski’s home region

Two hours by train from Sofia and one reaches the town of Boboshevo on the two banks of the Struma River at the foot of the Vlahina Mountain. The village of Skrino is nearby. It is where in 876 the heavenly patron of Bulgaria – St. Ivan Rilski..

published on 4/23/17 9:15 AM

Travelling is a passion keeping you alive

What is truly exciting for today's kids? It is hard to answer this question as throughout most of the day their attention is fully dedicated to their electronic devices. Walking down the street with eyes fixed on small shiny screens they do not..

published on 4/9/17 11:00 AM
The first 169 organised tourists arrived from Israel at Burgas airport, opening the summer season on Bulgaria’s coastline

Bulgaria expects record-breaking tourist summer

National statistics reported growth of 18.6% over the initial 2 months of 2017. Winter tourism has contributed the most to the good result, as this country has offered some of the best skiing conditions within the whole of Europe due to abundant..

published on 3/31/17 1:26 PM

Malyovitsa Hut awarded best tourist chalet of 2016

Rila is one of the most popular and accessible mountains in Bulgaria. Many tourist sites attract thousands of tourists and skiers in all seasons. Malyovitsa resort is among Rila's most visited resorts. It offers excellent conditions for skiing..

published on 3/19/17 10:45 AM

Rila National Park turns 25

On 24 February, one of the biggest parks in the Balkans and in Europe, located in Mount Rila in western Bulgaria turns 25, having been declared as such on this day in 1992. To begin with, with the aim of preserving biological diversity and rare..

published on 2/24/17 2:57 PM

Bulgaria's tourism offers short and memorable trips at reasonable price

Bulgaria's capital Sofia and other important landmarks already gained popularity among tourists from Western Europe and the Balkan countries. According to data of Eurostat, the number of European citizens visiting Bulgaria has seen a..

published on 2/21/17 11:22 AM