Top 3 most wanted destinations by students today: Bansko, Velingrad and Pamporovo

Today is December 8 th – the official holiday of the Bulgarian students. It is always related to unforgettable memories which remain for good. The places to ‘burst out in celebrations’ vary through the years, but today we pay attention to..

published on 12/8/17 1:11 PM

Discover Bulgaria on Viber

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Tourism provides a new opportunity to tourists to discover Bulgaria and experience and new adventure in this country. The first Bulgarian service in Viber became possible due to the cooperation of the Tourism Ministry and..

published on 12/6/17 11:31 AM
Protodolmens in Sredna Gora

Sunny Gate and the Brothers – unique and unknown megaliths in Sredna Gora Mountain

When one walks across the slopes of the Sredna Gora Mountain, there are plenty of ancient remains, related to paganism. Some of these sites are well-researched; others remain a bit unknown, while third ones sink in mysticism, still hiding..

published on 12/2/17 8:00 AM

Bulgaria and Turkey to promote each other's customs

Days of Culture will be organized in different Bulgarian cities and various Turkish customs and traditions will be presented to the local audience. A similar exhibition dedicated to Bulgaria and its culture will be organized in different cities..

published on 11/9/17 8:45 AM

North Korea through the eyes of a Bulgarian

North Korea is one of the most isolated countries. You cannot find yourself there easily and must meet a series of requirements to go to that country. No journalists employed at printed or electronic media are allowed to enter North Korea...

published on 10/28/17 8:00 AM

Despite optimistic forecasts for tourism, tour operators call for resignation of Minister Angelkova

After in the last days of September, the Institute of Analyses and Assessment of Tourism reported that the summer tourist season was very successful and by the end of the year a rise of 8 per cent or more in the number of tourists would be marked, in..

published on 10/9/17 10:36 AM

Summer season in Bulgaria very successful

The CEO of the Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism Rumen Draganov has said that this year’s summer season in Bulgaria has been very successful. In an interview for BGNES he has specified that by end-August more than 8.3 million..

published on 9/29/17 11:13 AM

The pyramids of Melnik – a natural phenomenon of world significance

The southern segment of Mount Pirin is known for its bizarre shapes and relief, especially in the region of the pyramids of Melnik, some 180 kms. from Sofia. The pyramids were formed of grey-white sands and clay layers, and in 1960 they were..

published on 9/24/17 8:00 AM

Welcome to Venetsa – most beautiful cave of Bulgaria’s North-West

One needs very comfortable shoes, no fear of dark and claustrophobically narrow spaces, in order to enter this one, but mostly you will need the full potential of your imagination. Welcome to the magic of the fantastic Venetsa ( The Wreath) cave,..

published on 9/23/17 9:30 AM

Dobarsko and its vicinities – unique combination of ancient history and beautiful nature

Everyone who decides to learn more about Bulgaria should visit the village of Dobarsko. Situated in the valley of Razlog, it attracts thousands of tourists. For the first time the name of the village was mentioned in a document by Tsar..

published on 9/2/17 8:00 AM