Malyovitsa Hut awarded best tourist chalet of 2016

Rila is one of the most popular and accessible mountains in Bulgaria. Many tourist sites attract thousands of tourists and skiers in all seasons. Malyovitsa resort is among Rila's most visited resorts. It offers excellent conditions for skiing..

published on 3/19/17 10:45 AM

Rila National Park turns 25

On 24 February, one of the biggest parks in the Balkans and in Europe, located in Mount Rila in western Bulgaria turns 25, having been declared as such on this day in 1992. To begin with, with the aim of preserving biological diversity and rare..

published on 2/24/17 2:57 PM

Bulgaria's tourism offers short and memorable trips at reasonable price

Bulgaria's capital Sofia and other important landmarks already gained popularity among tourists from Western Europe and the Balkan countries. According to data of Eurostat, the number of European citizens visiting Bulgaria has seen a..

published on 2/21/17 11:22 AM

E-STORY platform for curious travelers

The first of its kind interactive guide of Sofia with GPS has recently started to function. The E-STORY mobile application offers a tour not only in space, but also in time. We met with Nadezhda Todorova, an expert in languages and literature..

published on 2/19/17 9:35 AM

Romantic places in Bulgaria to fall in love (with)

There are places that touch our hearts with the beauty of their landscapes, but also with the atmosphere they convey. And, as in Roberto Rossellini’s Journey to Italy , they will take you on a journey to your own self, where you will discover love and..

published on 2/14/17 11:56 AM

Balkan Bites - get to know Sofia in details

Getting to know Sofia does not only mean visiting the local museums or acquainting with its millennial history. Visitors should also try the local food, stroll across the small city streets, have a drink at some of the local pubs and make new..

published on 2/11/17 8:35 AM

St. Archangel Michael monastery of Chekotin – a little-known gem

The territory of Bulgaria is peppered with monasteries, some have been preserved to this day in all of their splendor, the ruins of others are the only reminder they even existed. Through the ages monasteries have been pillars, upholding the..

published on 2/4/17 8:50 AM

Visiting Drashkova Poliana

Some naughty ray of sunshine is peeking into the room, while the landscape outside can be named ‘a magical fairytale’ only. The tempting smell of pancakes coming from the kitchen makes us slip out of the warm bed. We are visiting the..

published on 1/28/17 10:10 AM

Borovets - rich palette of opportunities for recreation and sport

One of the mountain resorts that is close to the Bulgarian capital city and where mountain lovers can indulge in their hobby is Borovets. Located about 70 km away from Sofia, Borovets is appealing to mountaineers, not only in winter but in summer, too...

published on 1/2/17 10:15 AM

Bulgarians opt for their country’s resorts on New Year

New Year is a community type of fest, unlike Christmas which we tend to spend with our closest relatives. Tourist branch experts call the last day of the year ‘a corporate fest’, as many opt for teambuilding-like events, especially if they work in small..

published on 12/30/16 1:27 PM