Italian top travel blog invites tourists to go and visit Plovdiv

The Italian travel blog , which is in the Top 100 of travel blogs in the world, is inviting tourists to go and visit Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Plovdiv municipality has announced. At the invitation of the town council, the..

published on 8/16/17 2:46 PM

Summer hiking in Soskovcheto Nature Reserve in Rhodope Mountains

They say that the best time for hiking in the mountains is in August, especially when we want to hide from the heat of the urban landscape. Naturally, keen tourists value every season and neither rain, nor snow can stop them. In the mountains, one..

published on 8/13/17 8:15 AM

Ports of Burgas, Varna, Nesebar increasingly popular among cruise tourists

Cruise tourism has become more accessible to tourists lately, Iliyan Ivanov from the Bulgarian Cruise Society told the National Radio. It is not surprising then that Bulgaria’s transport strategy until 2030 envisages tangible growth of this kind of..

published on 8/12/17 10:54 AM
Dryanovo monastery

Monasteries in the Central Balkan National Park – a breath of fresh air and a journey into the past

There are no broad roads leading to the monasteries in the Central Balkan National Park. You might drive past them for years without knowing it, until one day fortuity, or curiosity, a glance at a beautiful landscape or an invitation from a friend..

published on 8/5/17 10:15 AM

To the Dry Lake along the pilgrim trail

In the past, hundreds of pilgrims crossed on foot the magnificent Rila Mountain along a trail in a bid to reach Rila Monastery and pay homage to the remains of St. John (Ivan) of Rila the Wonder Worker, founder of the monastery in 10 c. Today the..

published on 7/30/17 8:00 AM

Bulgaria’s Baden-Baden

They used to call Varshets the Bulgarian Baden-Baden in the early 20th c. The quiet town, situated at the northern foot of the Balkan Range amidst the coolness of mixed forests, looks like it still lives in the epoch of its aristocratic fame...

published on 7/29/17 8:00 AM

In search of adventure – caves in Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park

Better known as the place where revolutionary poet Hristo Botev lost his life, Vrachanski Balkan - the portion of the Balkan Range around Vratsa - is also notable for its numerous natural landmarks. Its flanks, sloping down in the western part..

published on 7/16/17 8:00 AM

Teteven, a haven in the Balkan Range keeping an ancient spirit and traditions

I tend to associate the town of Teteven in the Central Balkan Range with positive emotions from my childhood when, trying to escape the summer heat in Sofia, I went to visit my cousins in that nice town. I remember the green hills, the Balkan..

published on 7/4/17 12:44 PM

The ecotrail in Devinska River gorge – pristine nature and hot mineral water

A wonderfully scenic trail – Strouilitsa-Lukata – meanders in the heart of a mountain shrouded in legend, the Rhodopes, just two kilometers from the town of Devin. The trail twists and turns in the gorge of Devinska River, bizarre rock..

published on 6/11/17 8:15 AM

Mountains teach us hard lessons during springtime hiking

Bulgarian mountains may look very tempting for hiking during the weekend in springtime. People who do not often hike imagine the mountain very much like a nearby park with green trees, blossoming grasses and bird songs over our heads. Only the..

published on 5/21/17 9:00 AM