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Animal rescue volunteer Sylvia Stoycheva: We have the obligation to spread our love and expect nothing in return

Sylvia Stoycheva, volunteer in a wildlife rescue campaign helps wild animals caught in the “traps” of the city. She has made her dream come true - a successful career in the world of fashion and the media. But some years ago she left the..

15.08.19 в 12:24 |

Summer festival in Vidin brings together the young and enterprising

The 10 th edition of the teenage arts festival the Bridge Fest in the town of Vidin, close to the historical fortress Baba Vida on the Danube, is over. Even the organizers themselves say they were surprised by the turnout this year. All..

14.08.19 в 12:29 |

Urban gardening: an appealing element of modern life in the city

Unrestricted freedom and people ready to experiment without being afraid of making mistakes – that is how, briefly, we can describe the sense of tranquility and harmony on the territory of the shared garden in the Sofia residential area..

06.08.19 в 13:06 |

Seven travelling letters from the Bulgarian alphabet bring the spirit and culture of Bulgaria to Paris

One year after the “Hidden Letters” appeared in Sofia, the initiative evolved into “Bulgarian Letters”and started on its travels across Europe. The idea and the design of the project belong to Kiril Zlatkov – 12 benches made in the shape of the..

23.07.19 в 14:05 |

Stoyan Raynov’s tales of clay

Not Everything Dies is the name of a work chosen as the logo of a collective exhibition dedicated to the legacy of one of the most productive and talented Bulgarian ceramists Stoyan Raynov. The exhibition arranged at Vaska Emanuilova Gallery..

12.07.19 в 13:45 |

Master craftsmen demonstrate the subtleties of arts and crafts on St. Peter’s Day in Sofia

Dexterity, singleness of purpose, flight of the imagination and a great deal of knowledge of material properties – that is what it takes if you want to be a handicraft artisan. Handicrafts are among the oldest human activities that have come down..

28.06.19 в 14:20 |

Enyovden – the day we become one with nature and with light

On 24 June the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honours one of the most revered Christian saints – John the Baptist. In folklore tradition the day is called Enyovden , Midsummer’s day, and it is connected with different rituals and beliefs connected..

24.06.19 в 11:37 |

Vladimir Dimitrov – the Master, a colossus of Bulgarian painting

The paintings by Vladimir Dimitrov – the Master are instantly recognizable. So original, vivid and stunning are his paintings that once seen, they cannot be forgotten. Particularly striking are the women in his works,..

23.06.19 в 08:25 |

Photo exhibition and book tell about challenges and difficulties of Bulgarian emigrants in Argentina

The Bulgarian Community in Argentina has been recently in the focus in one of the cultural spaces in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia– Professor Vasil Gergov Hall at the National Donation Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria”. In the presence of many guests..

18.06.19 в 13:08 |

Pharmacists and patients advocate urgent reform in state medicines policy

Almost 160 lifesaving medicaments have disappeared from the domestic market in just one year, patients say. But it is not only patients, doctors are also complaining of a lack of medicines in the country. Questions about 450 different..

11.06.19 в 13:57 |