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Artist Rada Yakova’s creative paths

According to Rada Yakova, success of an artist is not measured by the number of paintings sold, but by the extent to which they have succeeded in developing their own style and individuality in art. Rada is a Bulgarian who has been living and..

21.10.19 15:16 |

Interactive museum exhibition recreates traditions in Bulgarian village of Chavdar

Folklore is the great intangible heritage of our people; it is so diverse and specific for different parts of our country that it is worth to be known by every Bulgarian. The idea for reenactment of folk customs and holidays should not only serve..

16.10.19 14:22 |

Bulgarian mobile platform developer makes establishing link between employer and employee easier

Applying for jobs using web sites has never been so easy and fast. The connection between employers and job seekers is facilitated by a mobile application developed by Tsvetoslav Zahariev. Its search engine is extremely efficient and saves time and..

14.10.19 15:09 |

John Atanasoff Awards 2019 – Open Source for Advancement in Science

John Atanasoff was born on October 4 and he is best known for being credited with inventing the first electronic digital computer.Atanasoff is of Bulgarian origin and he worked in the fields of mathematics, physics and engineering in the United..

09.10.19 16:10 |

One-day forum in The Hague to present career opportunities in Bulgaria

At the backdrop of the huge interest shown recently in career exhibitions for Bulgarian students in Germany, the United Kingdom and Austria, the first career forum for the large Bulgarian academic community in the Netherlands opens on..

04.10.19 15:47 |
Total solar eclipse on 2 July, 2019, observed by researchers from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Astronomy in the Atacama desert. ​

Bulgaria holds its 13th European Researchers’ Night with a focus on our green planet

Bulgaria joined the European Researchers’ Night (27 September) for the 13 th consecutive year. What was new this year was that it involved more researchers in various spheres – from outer space to microbiology and the nanotechnologies of the..

30.09.19 13:59 |

Connection between adoptive parents and adopted children raises discussion among social institutions

The ratio between the number of adoptive parents in Bulgaria and the number of children abandoned by their parents has remained virtually unchanged over the years and this is a signal that time for change has come in the selection system for..

25.09.19 14:31 |

How to bring innovation to schools in Bulgaria

Days after the start of the school year in Bulgaria the reforms in the system of education in Bulgaria and administrative innovations are definitely on the agenda. There are schools in Sofia that already have electronic school records and interactive..

18.09.19 15:11 |

Bulgaria is among EU leaders in the fight against African swine fever

TheEuropean Commission will start reimbursing the costs Bulgaria made to deal with the African swine fever, the EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis said in Sofia. Bulgaria has been applying strictly the measures..

11.09.19 14:05 |

The active season ends at the old rose distillery in Strelcha with a stream of tourists

Bulgarian rose oil is among the most in-demand and highest quality essential oils in the world to this day. Its lasting fragrance and curative properties have made the oil-bearing rose extract an essential ingredient of a broad range of cosmetic and..

10.09.19 12:44 |