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President Radev to meet with Bulgarian community in Chicago today

President Rumen Radev’s visit to the USA continues today with a meeting with Chicago’s Bulgarian community. Yesterday, after a visit to the John Atanasoff Bulgarian Language School in the city, the head of state commented the positive assessment..

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Tablets for video sign language translation installed at Sofia Central Railway Station

At Sofia’s Central Railway Station tablets have been installed today for video sign language translation. In this way every deaf person will have equal access to the services and the information at the station. The locations of the devices have..

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Elizabeth Hristova–Lisa paints portraits in Van Gogh style for the first fully oil painted feature film

The paintings, life and words of the great Vincent van Gogh are a magnet for many, as well as his mysterious demise. Using the poetic language of love, 125 artists from various countries have conveyed the story of his death in their..

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First day at school – first step to change

“Knowledge is wealth, whoever knows shall have success,” the people says and parents tend to repeat that all the time. No matter the long years of transition, this has remained a basic feature of the society. September 15, the first..

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Sofia concerned that education law in Ukraine may affect study of Bulgarian language in schools

We have sent a joint letter with the Foreign Ministers of Romania, Greece and Hungary to our Ukrainian counterpart on occasion of legislative amendments in that country that limit language teaching in mother tongue after the 5 th grade, Bulgaria’s..

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Five things associated with Bulgaria worldwide

Lovely nature, diverse history, hospitality, beautiful women and strong men are all part of Bulgaria’s image worldwide. But, of course, there is more. Find out about other surprising or not so surprising assets of this country that the world..

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Have a piece of Banitsa in Transnistrian village of Parcani

I took a bite from a juicy and delicious piece of banitsa (cheese pastry) and realized how perfectly that traditional Bulgarian food was made in the village of Parcani (Moldova). Making banitsa here is a real art and part of the ritual to..

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Bulgarian bracelet translates from and to sign language for hearing-impaired people

Perhaps everyone has seen people who communicate via signs, gestures and mimics in the street, café, subway… Most of us fail to comprehend this language and this turns into a barrier for communication between people. A student programming team..

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Bulgarian language taught at Hankuk University in Seoul for 12 years now

During its visit to the Republic of Korea, a Bulgarian parliamentary delegation, led by National Assembly President Dimitar Glavchev, paid a visit to the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, where the Bulgarian language is also being taught to..

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Bulgaria willing to expand cooperation with South Korea in economy, culture, education

As part of the visit of a Bulgarian parliamentary delegation in South Korea,the President of the Bulgarian parliament Dimitar Glavchev has met with the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea Chung Sye-kyun. During the meeting..

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