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Bulgarian Vice President Iotova: Our mission is to make sure Bulgarian is studied in more places worldwide

The Vice President of Bulgaria Iliana Iotova opened the 70 th school year at Hristo Botev Bulgarian Secondary School in Bratislava . In her speech Iotova recalled that the mission of Cyril and Methodius had started from the lands of Slovakia..

18.09.18 в 16:48 | News

Spirko Lazarovski: I come from Skopje and I am proud of Bulgarian language and history

Spirko Lazarovski comes from the city of Skopje in the Republic of Macedonia, but he is really enthusiastic and willing to study the history of proto-Bulgarian khans and tsars, of the establishment of the Bulgarian state and of all the battles..

16.09.18 в 08:00 | Life

Between the roots of free music and contemporary jazz: the second edition of the Pleven jazz festival closes

The Autumn Jazz Festival in Pleven is relatively new but has successfully fitted into the amalgam of international music forums in Bulgaria. The selection of both editions has been made by the Alarma Punk Jazz platform of the Bulgarian National Radio..

13.09.18 в 16:20 | Music

Prof. Penka Angelova: It is not true that we do not have a Nobel prize-winning novelist

As if in a treasure chest, Elias Canetti used to keep his childhood experiences from his native town of Ruschuk only to scatter them later where his life storms would take him and to imbue them with even more sensations, insights and wisdom...

12.09.18 в 15:12 | Culture

Bessarabian Bulgarian Victoria Voitovic: Our mission is to keep our language and traditions alive

They call Bulgaria their “ancestral homeland” and thus manage to convey in a single word the love of their native land that they inherit from the moment of their birth. And because their patriotism springs right from the heart, like love, it is..

10.09.18 в 15:32 | Life
Author: Yavor Kostadinov

National Autumn Exhibitions in Plovdiv take a look “Beyond the surface”

This year’s National Autumn Exhibitions in Plovdiv cast a glance beyond the surface through the individual perception of ten contemporary artists and the way they interpret secrets hidden from the eyes of the uninitiated – as in a magic..

31.08.18 в 14:37 | Culture

More and more Bulgarian academic journals included in international science data bases

The number of Bulgarian journals include in the two most prestigious world science data bases has doubled since the beginning of the year, the Bulgarian news agency BTA reports. According to the latest report by the National Centre for..

22.08.18 в 12:39 | News

Immersing in Momka Peeva’s marvelous world of glass

Glass jewelry, objects and works of art shine in an artistic palette of colors thanks to a Bulgarian woman who emigrated to the United States with the only task of being... a grandmother. But twenty years later, her company for colored glass near..

17.08.18 в 13:22 | Culture
Roman baths in Deultum

30 years since Deultum Debelt has been declared an archaeological reserve

Distinguished with the European cultural heritage sign due to the diversity of its history and culture, the ancient and medieval town of Deultum Debelt located only kilometres away from Burgas was declared an archaeological reserve in the..

05.08.18 в 10:10 | History and religion

Modern children need modern tales

They call Maya Bocheva "one of the most talented Bulgarian illustrators". Her fabulous characters and their stories, however, come alive not only on paper. The young artist is the creator of the only multimedia project for children in Bulgaria..

05.08.18 в 08:00 | Culture