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Antonio Tajani in Bulgarian National Assembly

Antonio Tajani: Bulgarian Presidency can count on full support and cooperation from European Parliament

The Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of EU can count on the full support and cooperation from the European Parliament. This was what President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, said in his address to the Bulgarian National Assembly...

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Шге St. Stephen Orthodox Church - the cradle of Bulgarian culture in Istanbul's

The invisible community: Bulgarian Christians in Istanbul

Decades ago, the Bulgarian Orthodox community in Istanbul, Turkey, used to be quite numerous, but with time many of its members gradually emigrated from Turkey - fewer of them settled in Bulgaria, while most opted for a future beyond the ocean -..

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Bulgarians firmly support Macedonia EU accession

Bulgarians firmly support Macedonia’s accession to the European Union, a survey of the Institute of Politics has found. The survey has focused on relations between the two neighboring countries. 51% of the polled have said that Macedonians..

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Bulgarian participation at Montreux Jazz Festival Japan

Vanya Moneva and several singers of the choir named after her participated in early November in the Japanese edition of the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. Mrs. Moneva is one of the best known ladies in Bulgaria’s modern choir art. The choir that..

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Rights of Bulgarian minority to be guaranteed, Albanian authorities vow to Vice President Iliana Iotova

During her two-day working visit to Albania, Bulgarian Vice President Iliana Iotova has met with Albanian President Ilir Meta, parliamentary speaker Gramoz Ruci and Prime Minister Edi Rama. The Bulgarian Vice President has been given..

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"I am Bulgarian" Festival gathers Bulgarian children from different European countries in Romania

For a ninth consecutive year Bulgarian children from various European countries gathered at their own festival. This year the festival took place in Timisoara, Romania. The organizers of the Festival are T.A.N.G.R.A. (Tonalidad, Arte Natural y Guía para..

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Ancient melodies and rhythms revisited in MyStory of Folklore

MyStory is a new project created by several folk musicians and a DJ. The first two words are written together, almost like Mystery - the word people have been using for decades to describe Bulgarian folklore around the world. Of course, the..

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Attitude of Serbia towards Bulgarian minority is intolerable, MEP Angel Dzhambazki says

"This double-faced policy on the part of Serbia must stop as it continues to play the same game it has played over the past 50 years. The recent steps of the Zaev cabinet in Macedonia towards Bulgaria is what actually irritates Belgrade," MEP Angel..

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Although far from Bulgaria, they will always carry it in their hearts

Bulgarians around the world long to be heard in their country

Bulgarians around the world long to be heard in their country. This is the idea that united the participants in the 8 th session of the World Parliament of Bulgarians held in Sofia on November 4 and 5. This is a structure formed during..

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Bulgarian Red Cross will assist the integration of refugees residing legally in this country

The integration of refugees and migrants is a problem the EU will be facing for a long time to come. One of the reasons is that the public lump the two groups together. But that is wrong, because these are two very distinct groups. One..

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