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Gazprom has increased its deliveries to Bulgaria by 11 per cent

In 2017 Russian gas giant Gazprom has increased supplies to countries that may become natural gas consumers using the Turkish Stream pipeline in the future. For Bulgaria, the rise has reached 11.1% compared to January-August last year. Exports to..

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Merkez Bankası: Bankaların likiditesi yüksek

Bulgaristan Merkez Bankası Mayıs ayında ülkedeki bankaların likidite aktiflerinin yüzde 1,6 oranında artarak 30,5 milyar levaya /15,4 milyar avro/ çıktığını bildirdi. Likidite oranı yaklaşık yüzde 38 oranında olup tavsiye edilen düzeyin epey..

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Anton Kisse, chairman of the Association of Bulgarians in Ukraine, Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov and the chairman of the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad Petar Haralampiev after the meeting. ​

Ties with Bulgarians living abroad given new momentum

The outgoing week will be remembered for the demonstration, on several different occasions, of a heightened interest inside the country in Bulgarians who, for one reason or another, live abroad. An interest that has always been there, but which now..

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Medicinal herbs are at their most potent on Enyovden, 24 June

Since time immemorial the curative properties of herbs in the Bulgarian lands have been known far and wide. The Thracians knew about them, as did the Slavs and the proto-Bulgarians. There are legends, tales and songs of herbs picked at dawn by..

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Bulgarian Prime Minister Borissov refuses to meet Anatoly Karpov

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has refused to hold a meeting with chess master and Russian MP Anatoly Karpov because of a comment Karpov made in a television broadcast when he said that the Cyrillic alphabet had come from Byzantium. Recently,..

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Başbakan Borisov Anatoliy Karpov’la görüşmeyi reddetti

Başbakan Boyko Borisov satranç ustası ve Rus Duması vekili Anatoliy Karpov’la görüşmeyi bir televizyon programında Kiril alfabesinin Bizans’tan geldiğini iddia etmesinden dolayı reddetti. Bundan kısa süre önce Rusya’da Slav Yazısı Günü olan 24..

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Gabrovo Eğitim Müzesinin aydınlık misyonu

Gelenek üzere Mayıs ayı birçok okulda tam anlamıyla “Okuma Bayramı” olarak kutlanıyor. 24 Mayıs Bulgar kültürü ve Slav yazısı bayramının arifesinde küçük öğrenciler, yıl boyunca sarfettikleri çabalarının sonucu olan okuma ve yazma yeteneklerini..

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Museum of Education in Gabrovo – the only functioning museum dedicated entirely to education

By a tradition, the whole of May is a month dedicated to “letters” at Bulgarian schools. On the eve of 24 May – day of Bulgarian education and culture and of the Slavic alphabet – young children across the country proudly demonstrated how much..

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The cream of Bulgarian contemporary books embark on a tour

Sometimes it is enough if a book finds you and it can turn your world upside down. With the mission of bringing Bulgarian books to young readers, a bookstore on wheels will be touring the country this summer. Iliyan Lyubomirov..

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Over 150 Bulgarian children march in Cyprus for May 24 fest

More than 150 Bulgarian children marched today across Cyprus at the initial procession due to May 24 – the Day of Slavonic Culture and Alphabet, held in the capital of Nicosia. The festive event brought real joy and thrilled both the little participants..

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