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Balkan Developments

Turkey seizes 34 terrorist suspects Daily Sabah newspaper has announced that the police in Istanbul have seized at least 34 foreign nationals suspected of connections with the Middle East terrorist group Islamic State. In figures released by..

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Angel Dobrev: Sound of rebec can cheer us up or make us cry

Angel Dobrev is a popular name in Bulgaria’s folk music field. He devoted his entire life and profession to the rebec. Angel is an inspired instrumentalist, composer, author of song arrangements and orchestral pieces. He is also a rebec..

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Faculty of Medicine in Sofia marks 100th anniversary

On November 8th, the 100th anniversary since the founding of the Medical Faculty of the Sofia University is celebrated. The celebration took place under the auspices of the rector of the Medical University Prof. Dr. Viktor Zlatkov. On November..

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The Bulgarian passport of Prof. Viden Tabakov

Prof. Viden Tabakov and his significant contribution to first Moon landing

The bright minds of different Bulgarians have contributed to progress of mankind across different spheres. Many of those were scattered around the globe with no right to return during communism and today we are proud of their names. But we can..

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Balkan Developments

900 Islamic jihadists return to Turkey Cumhuriyet newspaper reports that around 900 Turkish nationals who had joined the terrorists from the so-called Islamic State have returned to their homeland without any obstructions. In a report of the..

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How does Bulgaria look in 3 minute video?

Many Bulgarians believe that life in their home country is a punishment, because it is accompanied by multiple problems. That is why it feels good when you find someone who thinks different and outside the clichés and restrictions which enslaved..

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Kenyan runner triumphs at Sofia marathon Kenyan runner Barmao Kiprono has won the 34th edition of the Sofia Marathon.

He finished the 42km route with a record time of 2.14:49 hours and was nearly three minutes faster than Ahmed Nasef from Morocco, who finished second. At the start there were 4410 participants, out of which 744 were foreigners, which is double the..

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Maria Becheva and Ilia Uchikov

Ilia Uchikov: The bagpipe is a magical instrument, it is my life

If you are on the lookout for the distinctive sound of the songs of the Rhodopes, to the magnificent accompaniment of the kaba (low-pitched) bagpipe, then the music of Ilia Uchikov is exactly what you are looking for. Uchikov founded..

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Government restricts refugees’ motion perimeter

The government has set a motion perimeter for foreigners, accommodated at refugee asylums in Sofia, Harmanli, the village of Banya and Pastrogor. Those will be only allowed to move within the administrative district and won’t be able to leave it. The..

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Petya Petrova’s paintings are illuminated by the light of Bulgaria

Bulgarian artist Petya Petrova has not lost touch with her country although she has been living for 17 years in the German town of Aachen. On the contrary, each year her love for her country and everything associated with Bulgaria becomes..

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