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Employers press for lifting restrictions on hiring third country workers

Bulgarian employers have termed insufficient the proposal of MPs from the ruling coalition for admitting more workers from third countries to Bulgaria. Under the proposal, foreigners can make up for 20% of the staff in a company instead of 10%..

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Parliament rejects proposal to extend circle of foreigners entitled to Bulgarian citizenship

The Bulgarian parliament rejected a motion made by DPS (the predominantly ethnic Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms) to extend the circle of foreigners entitled to Bulgarian citizenship. The proposal also concerned two million Turks born..

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US dream of Todor Tsachev comes true in Zlatitsa

Todor Tsachev has brought his dream all the way from America, but has found grounds for it in the small Bulgarian town of Zlatitsa. Several years of hard work ever since, and now Todor enjoys the results on a daily basis. On a very..

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“Surva 2018” taking place in Bulgaria’s Pernik

Masquerade ritualsoriginated in ancient pagan times and they have been preserved to this day as part of Bulgarian folklore traditions. Mask games are mainly linked to the holidays in the period from Christmas to Easter. In the different..

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Daniel Bogdanski: "Lets do good deeds each day and change the world around us"

Bulgarians living outside the homeland are more than 2 million people. Each of them has a different fate and reasons to start new life abroad. Some have done this before 1989 to escape repressions of the communist regime, others to receive better..

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Twenty eight illegal immigrants hidden in cargo train detained in Bulgaria

Twenty eight illegal immigrants, including children, were detained near the railway station in Septemvri (South Bulgaria), the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior announced. The immigrants failed to present valid IDs. They were hiding in a carriage of a..

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The Chairman of the Bulgarian Honorary Consuls Association along with the EU Council President Donald Tusk was awarded by Malta to mark Republic Day

At Republic Day, 13 th December 2017, at Grandmaster’s Palace, the President of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, on the advice of the Prime Minister, presented National Awards to former ministers, speakers of the parliament and other..

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Number of Bulgarians traveling abroad and of foreigners visiting Bulgaria rising

The NSI has reported that in October the number of visits of Bulgarians abroad and of foreigners to Bulgaria continued to grow. The trips of Bulgarians grew by 8.7% year-on-year to 439.0 thousand (compared to October 2016th), with the strongest increase..

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Director Adela Peeva about the narrow line separating patriotism from nationalism

New documentary by director Adela Peeva is to have its premiere on November 24 during the Kinomania 2017. It is called “Long Live Bulgaria” and presents different views towards serious issues – nationalism, rebirth of extreme nationalism, as well..

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Balkan Developments

Turkey seizes 34 terrorist suspects Daily Sabah newspaper has announced that the police in Istanbul have seized at least 34 foreign nationals suspected of connections with the Middle East terrorist group Islamic State. In figures released by..

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