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Government restricts refugees’ motion perimeter

The government has set a motion perimeter for foreigners, accommodated at refugee asylums in Sofia, Harmanli, the village of Banya and Pastrogor. Those will be only allowed to move within the administrative district and won’t be able to leave it. The..

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Petya Petrova’s paintings are illuminated by the light of Bulgaria

Bulgarian artist Petya Petrova has not lost touch with her country although she has been living for 17 years in the German town of Aachen. On the contrary, each year her love for her country and everything associated with Bulgaria becomes..

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Drop of migration pressure on Bulgaria

In early September there were some 2,200 migrants and refugees on Bulgarian territory, mostly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, the interior ministry reports. The data displays some migration pressure mainly along the Bulgarian – Serbian border, which..

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Balkan developments

Turkey with 8th strongest army worldwide An article carried by the website GlobalFirepower.com claims that the Turkish army ranks 8th among the top 10 armies in the world. The ranking that compares armies of 113 countries based on 50 factors..

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Anyone can spin potter’s wheel in Rositsa Zankova’s Oreshak atelier

Everyday Rositsa Zankova uses shapeless clay to sculpt everlasting beauty with her potter’s wheel. She practices this traditional craft in the most artistic Bulgarian village of Oreshak near Troyan, upgrading it with modern techniques and..

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Students maintain Bulgarian traditions and culture in Scotland

Many Bulgarians opt for studying and/or working abroad. Some of them return here, others prefer to stay away from home. However, no matter the exact spot on the world map, it’s always good to find something Bulgarian, something close to our..

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Interest in Bulgarian rural properties rises

The boom in demand for properties in Bulgarian villages by foreigners, which was observed in the period 2004-2006, has been reviving. This is what Borislav Borissov, President of the Association of Bulgarian Villages, said in an interview with the..

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New software organizes dream mountain trips in seconds

Holiday season is at its peak but there are always some who have not been able to take time off yet, or who are still wondering where to spend their holiday. Don’t despair because your holiday may be within arm’s reach, thanks to a new app called..

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Asylum seeking in Bulgaria sees major decline

The Bulgarian State Agency for Refugees has reported that from January till June 2017 a refugee status was given to 561 persons, and humanitarian protection – to 683 foreigners. Asylum has been sought by only 2319 persons. This represents a..

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Village tourism sees growth for fourth year running

At the beginning of the summer, the Association of Bulgarian Villages has confirmed the forecast growth in village tourism for the summer of 2017 which has in certain places reached 20%, the Association’s Chairman Borislav Borisov said. Most of..

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