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At “Career in Bulgaria. Why not?” forum leading companies will urge young Bulgarians to stay and work in this country

At the forum “Career in Bulgaria. Why not?” almost 100 of the biggest employer companies in this country will make vacancies available especially to Bulgarians with work experience abroad. The latest 11 th edition of the meeting, which aims to..

22.08.18 в 11:33 | News

Trabbi-tour takes us around Sofia 30 years back in time

Despite the fact that almost 30 years have passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of socialism in Eastern Europe, memories are still alive. Today those born after 1989 listen with interest to the stories of their relatives on that..

18.08.18 в 09:35 | Tourism
Roman baths in Deultum

30 years since Deultum Debelt has been declared an archaeological reserve

Distinguished with the European cultural heritage sign due to the diversity of its history and culture, the ancient and medieval town of Deultum Debelt located only kilometres away from Burgas was declared an archaeological reserve in the..

05.08.18 в 10:10 | History and religion

To America and back in the name of a dream

Preservation of cultural monuments, architectural and spiritual heritage is not just a duty but a duty of governments in every part of the world. Even in countries torn by long-standing conflicts and wars, destruction of artifacts and information about..

29.07.18 в 08:00 | Life

Law amendments make it easier for citizens of Bulgarian origin from third countries to work here

The Council of Ministers has adopted amendments to the Regulations for Application of the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act. Along with EU requirements, they are also related to the necessity of facilitating the procedures for applying for..

20.06.18 в 16:52 | News
Mikhaela Hadjieva

Rose Queen contest in Kazanlak, part of the local Rose Festival for the 50th time

Today, a day after 24 May when Bulgarians celebrated the Slavic script and culture, a Bulgarian government delegation is in the Vatican for the traditional audience with the Pope. It is a symbolic way to reproduce the mission of the holy..

25.05.18 в 16:03 | Life
 Rose producers from Kazanlak blocks for a while the highway to Stara Zagora and poured out sacs of rose petals on the round in sign of protest against lo purchase prices

The rose scent of money

One of the first things foreigners learn about Bulgaria is that this country is popular as the land of roses and rose oil. Moreover, a whole valley in South Bulgaria was named the Rose Valley. However, apart for being used for tourism..

23.05.18 в 12:17 | Economy

Bulgaria through the eyes of young Europeans living there

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) together with Foundation 42 organize social events for foreigners, living and working in Bulgaria. The idea is to create an environment in which they can communicate with other foreigners who live here and at..

13.05.18 в 08:00 | Life

11 May, day of Saints Cyril and Methodius: “The roses of Bulgaria” initiative unites Bulgarian weekend schools around the world

The Bulgarian weekend schools set up by Bulgarians abroad are self-organized entities, supported by the Bulgarian state. They devote a great deal of time and effort to preserve all things Bulgarian and keep the bond with Bulgaria alive...

11.05.18 в 12:19 | Life

90 per cent of people granted refugee status in Bulgaria last year were Syrians

A total of 1530 citizens of Syria received protection in Bulgaria as refugees in 2017, as well as 110 Iraqis and two stateless persons. The figures have been recently presented in the EC by Eurostat. Out of 4740 international protection..

28.04.18 в 10:30 | Life