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Number of Bulgarians in Germany reaches over 310,000

A record number of foreign citizens live in Germany, the Federal Statistical Office of Germany says. The reason is the influx of asylum-seekers as well as migrants from other EU countries. Out of the total of 82 million people living in..

13.04.18 в 11:13 | News

New EU citizens come mostly from Morocco, India and Albania; Bulgaria most often grants citizenship to Russians

According to Eurostat data, as quoted by the European Commission, in 2016 EU Member States most often gave citizenship to foreigners coming for Morocco, Albania and India. Unlike this general trend, during the same year Bulgaria most often granted..

10.04.18 в 10:15 | News
The magnificent dome of the Old Bank of Sofia in Moscovska Str., architects Georgi Fingov, Dimo Nichev, Nikola Yurukov, 1910-1913

Historical Routes Sofia reveal the mysteries of the capital city in the post-liberation years

On 3 April, 1879, the Constituent Assembly, sitting in the old Bulgarian capital Turnovo proclaimed Sofia capital of free Bulgaria. “Different towns were considered as prospective capitals of the country – Sofia, Plovdiv, Turnovo...

08.04.18 в 08:10 | Tourism

Bulgaria set to alleviate import of foreign workers of Bulgarian origin within month

Bulgaria plans to carry out further alleviations for the import of workers from third countries with Bulgarian ethnic origin. To make this happen, the regulations for the enforcement of the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act will be..

05.04.18 в 15:36 | News

CITUB: Exploitation of Bulgarian workers in Germany and Italy is frequent and alarming practice

More than 200 000 are the Bulgarian citizens who have chosen to work in Germany, but as foreigners, they have certain adaptation difficulties and lots of problems. The press conference on "Cross-border cooperation between trade unions in Bulgaria..

29.03.18 в 15:27 | Economy

Growing interest in Bulgaria as hunting destination

About 1 500 foreigners have visited Bulgaria for a hunting trip during the past year, the Forests Executive Agency reported at the opening of an international exhibition "Nature, Hunting, Fishing" in Plovdiv. Most often it is hunters from..

21.03.18 в 17:40 | News

Borislava Taneva about the “Music of Europe” cycle

There are 28 countries members of the EU and as many concerts from the cycle “Music of Europe”. This magnificent series was launched with a concert dedicated to Estonia – the country which held the Presidency of the Council of the EU before..

23.02.18 в 13:24 | Music

Employers press for lifting restrictions on hiring third country workers

Bulgarian employers have termed insufficient the proposal of MPs from the ruling coalition for admitting more workers from third countries to Bulgaria. Under the proposal, foreigners can make up for 20% of the staff in a company instead of 10%..

12.02.18 в 16:45 | News

Parliament rejects proposal to extend circle of foreigners entitled to Bulgarian citizenship

The Bulgarian parliament rejected a motion made by DPS (the predominantly ethnic Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms) to extend the circle of foreigners entitled to Bulgarian citizenship. The proposal also concerned two million Turks born..

07.02.18 в 17:47 | News

US dream of Todor Tsachev comes true in Zlatitsa

Todor Tsachev has brought his dream all the way from America, but has found grounds for it in the small Bulgarian town of Zlatitsa. Several years of hard work ever since, and now Todor enjoys the results on a daily basis. On a very..

04.02.18 в 10:15 | Life