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Шге St. Stephen Orthodox Church - the cradle of Bulgarian culture in Istanbul's

The invisible community: Bulgarian Christians in Istanbul

Decades ago, the Bulgarian Orthodox community in Istanbul, Turkey, used to be quite numerous, but with time many of its members gradually emigrated from Turkey - fewer of them settled in Bulgaria, while most opted for a future beyond the ocean -..

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Bulgarian Red Cross will assist the integration of refugees residing legally in this country

The integration of refugees and migrants is a problem the EU will be facing for a long time to come. One of the reasons is that the public lump the two groups together. But that is wrong, because these are two very distinct groups. One..

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Associate Professor Vladimir Penchev and part of the team working on the project

Large-scale study explores cultural life of Bulgarians abroad

Bulgarians are part of existing migratory processes in the world, caused in recent years by economic and political issues, natural cataclysms and other troubles. Researchers from the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore with the Ethnographic..

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Balkan Developments

First round of local elections held in Kosovo The Central Election Commission of Kosovo announced that around 750,000 people, or 43.71 percent of all voters cast their votes during the first round of the local elections in the country on Sunday...

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Balkan Developments

Greek opposition urges Alexis Tsipras government to step down The opposition in Greece has demanded the resignation of the government of PM Alexis Tsipras over failure in its social program. In figures released by the European statistical..

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Balkan Developments

Romanian president cancels Ukraine visit Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has said he has annulled his visit to Ukraine planned for October, as well as a meeting in Bucharest with the speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, as a token of..

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Elizabeth Hristova–Lisa paints portraits in Van Gogh style for the first fully oil painted feature film

The paintings, life and words of the great Vincent van Gogh are a magnet for many, as well as his mysterious demise. Using the poetic language of love, 125 artists from various countries have conveyed the story of his death in their..

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Bulgarian bracelet translates from and to sign language for hearing-impaired people

Perhaps everyone has seen people who communicate via signs, gestures and mimics in the street, café, subway… Most of us fail to comprehend this language and this turns into a barrier for communication between people. A student programming team..

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Petra, Zlata and Stoya with Martha (left to right), 1988

Martha Forsyth, a lifelong passion for authentic Bulgarian folklore

An energetic American woman from Boston might turn out to be the keenest person worldwide where Bulgarian authentic folklore is concerned. Her passion to collect songs dates back to her years in college, where she studied Russian Language and..

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Foreigners learning the Bulgarian language as a second language

In figures from the Institute for Bulgarian Language at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia, roughly 15 million people across the globe speak Bulgarian. On the eve of the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture May 24, we look into a..

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