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BTA – one of the world’s first news institutions

The Bulgarian news agency BTA is to host the biggest media forum in the history of Bulgaria – the 6 th News Agencies World Congress in 2019 which will bring together in Sofia delegations from 150 countries. On 16 February 120 years ago, the..

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Wine is a keyhole leading to the heart

People pour it in their glasses and drink, but they do not how much labor it takes to make it. Wine making looks easy when you are not involved in it. However, you cannot make a good wine, if you are not following the basic rules in..

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BNR organizes exhibition of its history on World Radio Day

Today the BNR marks the World Radio Day under the slogan Radio & Sports, but that’s not all. The lobby hosted a display with exhibits telling about the Old House (as the BNR is also known). Head of the Archive Fund Anton Mitov is our guide..

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Two exhibitions in Sofia on horror of Auschwitz and on Jews saved by diplomacy and self-sacrifice

#WeRemember is the title that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs chose this year to show respect to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day - January 27th. More than 120 employees from all departments of the ministrytook part in the initiative..

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Civil education academy upholds legal education of students in Bulgaria

Around two years ago a group of law students from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski decided to establish the first of its kind Civil Education Academy in Bulgaria. They aim at raising the legal culture of the students and want to..

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Banat Bulgarians in Vinga- past and present

The history, culture and identity of the Banat Bulgarians in Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria are in the focus of attention of the conference named “Banat Bulgarians - Before and Now” held in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. The event is organized by..

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Radio Bulgaria, the voice of Bulgaria across the world

It is hard to describe a human life in a few hundred words. Speaking about one of the oldest media outlets in Bulgaria it looks impossible to sum up its multifaceted history in a concise text. For all its 82 years of existence Radio Bulgaria has..

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Dechko Uzunov

The icon – a symbol and image in modern Bulgarian art

An exhibition named “ The icon-a symbol and image in modern Bulgarian art” is on display at the Sofia City Art Gallery. It will last until February 4. The exposition is dedicated to the icon and its impact on the secular art. Over 100 works grouped into..

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Assoc. Prof. Ivan Chavdarov creates robotic humanoid hand with technology of the future

If we bother to listen to the “prophecies” of the film industry, a day will come when robots will turn against their creator to overpower him. Unsurprisingly, scientist Stephen Hawking has warned that artificial intelligence will reproduce itself and..

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Good book – gift for our soul

It’s not easy to select a present for a person that we love, especially if we want it to be special, to bring joy, to warm the heart and to become a precious piece of memory. If you ask for the value – ask what the smile of that person costs..

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