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Between the roots of free music and contemporary jazz: the second edition of the Pleven jazz festival closes

The Autumn Jazz Festival in Pleven is relatively new but has successfully fitted into the amalgam of international music forums in Bulgaria. The selection of both editions has been made by the Alarma Punk Jazz platform of the Bulgarian National Radio..

13.09.18 в 16:20 | Music

Bulgarian language with new statute in the world thanks to efforts by school teachers abroad

Education in Bulgaria should be a universal, supra-political priority.   This is what teachers from Bulgarian schools abroad called for at their annual conference in Sofia. “The Bulgarian language – a spiritual bridge to national..

30.07.18 в 13:54 | Culture

Bulgarians living abroad never forget their country and bring their children up in the same spirit

“Wherever we may go we carry Bulgaria in our hearts”, “I love my country”. To some these words may sound like a cliché, but when you hear them said by children, that makes all the difference. This year’s edition of the three..

26.07.18 в 14:07 | Life
The Unification of Bulgaria, a lithograph released in Vienna

"Bulgaria and Europe" album book reveals centuries-old connection with the Old Continent

The Bulgarian Archives State Agency reveals the centuries-old interaction of Bulgarians with the rest of Europe through the evidence it preserves - documents, photos, maps and engravings from the Middle Ages to the mid-20th century. It is no..

26.06.18 в 15:34 | History and religion

Konstantin Kostov about his teachers, music and his latest project with Bulgarian musicians

Konstantin Kostov is a concertizing jazz pianist and professor at Hochschule fur Musik und Theater in Munich, Germany. He has given concerts in many cities in Germany and Japan, as well as in Russia, Italy and Bulgaria. He speaks German, English,..

13.06.18 в 15:54 | Music

Tales written by children to be published in a book

"From Children to Children" is a collection of fairytales and in its pages one travels to the town of Primer, or rides a horse that dreams of being a zebra. One flies on the three-story shell of a turtle and goes shopping in a magic shop… For a..

27.05.18 в 08:00 | Life

Cyrillic - graffiti alphabet from A to Z

An international graffiti exhibition dedicated to the Cyrillic alphabet opened on May 24, the Day of Bulgarian Education, Culture and Slavonic Scripture, in Gifted Sofia Gallery. The event is organized for the second consecutive year and..

25.05.18 в 15:12 | Culture
Depictions of the Glagolitic script. St. Cyril created the Glagolithic A in the form of the cross, as he thought of the alphabet as a Holy deed!

The Bulgarian alphabet: intangible heritage with intransient value

One of the most respected days on the Bulgarian holiday calendar – 24 May, is the Day of letters and the Bulgarian alphabet created in the second half of 9 th century. This day takes us centuries back and reminds of a piece of heritage which..

24.05.18 в 07:45 | Culture

Cyrillic .ею domain gaining popularity

The Cyrillic .eu (.ею) domain has been making considerable progress in the second year of its creation. Since the creation of the domain two years ago, new registered .ею domains are almost 2,000, with the total number of Cyrillic domains reaching over..

23.05.18 в 17:12 | News
Young percussionists from the Music School in Sofia

Art takes over "Tsar Samuil" street downtown Sofia

On Saturday, May 12, the Tsar Samuil Street downtown Sofia will be breathing in the beat of drums and will turn into a palette of images, moods and colors. For a day in the car-free area, art will engage into a casual dialogue with passers-by,..

11.05.18 в 17:07 | Culture