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Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism has given prizes to the best in the sector in 2018

The Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism has presented its annual awards in the tourism industry. During a ceremony at the Military Club in Sofia, the winners in 16 categories were announced after online voting, which took place in the period..

12.12.18 в 15:19 | Tourism

Kamen Chanev: "I am an ordinary person who loves his work."

This evening the second performance of "Pagliacci" takes place - a joint production of the Stara Zagora Opera and Balkanski Circus. Kamen Chanev, who is one of the most remarkable Bulgarian tenors, is in the role of Kanio. After 25 years on..

20.11.18 в 16:18 | Music

Svetlana Radeva: To get to know Bulgaria, you must see it through your heart

A new magazine on the Bulgarian market – Experience Bulgaria – is setting itself the task of presenting the history, the traditions, the culture and the nature of Bulgaria, because “To get to know the country, you must see it through the..

12.11.18 в 14:27 | Culture

Second edition of “The honour students of Bulgaria” campaign

The name of Bulgaria is frequently made mention of by international media in connection with the successes of Bulgarian children and teenagers at international competitions and Olympiads. Hardly a month goes by without news of a medal, an..

31.10.18 в 13:20 | Life

High school in Sofia evacuated after old aerial bomb found during construction works

A busy crossing in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia was closed on Wednesday afternoon after an old bomb was found during construction works. An aerial bomb left from the bombing of Sofia by the British and the American air forces during the Second World War was..

24.10.18 в 16:27 | News
Writer Ilko Minev

Lots of truth, a bit of fantasy and boundless love for Bulgaria

Successful business, a large family of friends and constant curiosity towards traditions and modern processes - this is the short story of Ilko Minev. The long one is difficult to describe. He lives in Manaus, Brazil, where he publishes his..

11.10.18 в 15:58 | Culture

A day in pictures

During excavations at the ancient settlement Heraclea Sintica near Rupite, Petrich region, southwestern Bulgaria, the team of archeologists discovered an item of great historical significance. It is a small bronze coin..

08.10.18 в 15:16 | A day in pictures

Bulgarian high school in Bolhrad marks 160th anniversary

The idea of ​​creating a Bulgarian secondary school in Bessarabia belongs to Ukrainian scholar Yuriy Venelin, who in 1832 offered that a Central School and a Bulgarian National Museum should be opened in Bolhrad. His idea started to be..

05.10.18 в 16:36 | History and religion

Between the roots of free music and contemporary jazz: the second edition of the Pleven jazz festival closes

The Autumn Jazz Festival in Pleven is relatively new but has successfully fitted into the amalgam of international music forums in Bulgaria. The selection of both editions has been made by the Alarma Punk Jazz platform of the Bulgarian National Radio..

13.09.18 в 16:20 | Music

Bulgarian language with new statute in the world thanks to efforts by school teachers abroad

Education in Bulgaria should be a universal, supra-political priority.   This is what teachers from Bulgarian schools abroad called for at their annual conference in Sofia. “The Bulgarian language – a spiritual bridge to national..

30.07.18 в 13:54 | Culture