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Is unemployment set to rise in the wake of seasonal jobs?

The fall has arrived, the summer tourist season is about to close, and there is less work to do out in farming fields. Most employers of seasonal workers release them, shutting down seasonal jobs until next summer. This is the case not only with seasonal..

08.10.13 11:22 |

Grand Open chess tournament held in Blagoevgrad

The Blagoevgrad Grand Open chess tournament was held in the town of the same name. 108 people from 10 federations took part in it. Croatian GM Ivan Šarić took the gold, followed by his compatriot Mladen Palac. Bulgarian GM Vladimir Petkov remained 3rd...

08.10.13 10:37 |

Refugee wave – among main threats for Bulgaria, defence minister says

The refugee wave towards Bulgaria remains one of the main threats for national security, Defense Minister Angel Naydenov said at a sitting of the Community Council on Defense Policy. In his words we are talking about humanitarian risks along with ones,..

08.10.13 10:35 |

Minister Zlatanova participates in Justice and Home Affairs’ sitting in Luxembourg

Vice Premier and Minister of Justice Zinaida Zlatanova represents Bulgaria at the session of the Justice and Home Affairs Council, held today and tomorrow in Luxembourg. EU justice ministers discuss the establishment of European Prosecution that should..

08.10.13 10:36 |

Free food for poor Bulgarians under EC programme

Free food is given now in Bulgaria under the Charity Programme of the EC. Over 330,000 poor people or 26,000 than in last year will receive it. The food is to the overall tune of more than EUR 17 mln.

08.10.13 10:35 |
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