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Bulgarian language should be irrevocable requirement for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship

We have a quota of 2,000 people, yet we are not able to attract students from abroad who have Bulgarian self-awareness, said Vice-President Iliyana Yotova at the opening of the Summer Seminar on Bulgarian Language and Culture held at Veliko Tarnovo..

15.07.19 14:41 |
Vice-President Iliana Yotova

Vice-President Iliana Yotova calls for new policy and a new kind of relationship with Bulgarians broad

“To be able to preserve, develop and spread the Bulgarian language, which is in danger of being lost within the Bulgarian communities in other countries we have to extend the network of schools abroad,” said Vice-President Iliana Yotova. There..

28.01.19 13:58 |

Foreigners learning the Bulgarian language as a second language

In figures from the Institute for Bulgarian Language at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia, roughly 15 million people across the globe speak Bulgarian. On the eve of the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture May 24, we look into a..

23.05.17 13:28 |
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