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Present-day Bulgarians carry genes of Thracians and Proto-Bulgarians, not of Slavs

A study of the genetic code of Bulgarians is about to eliminate the deeply rooted hypothesis of the Turkic-Altaic origin of Bulgarians. Recently, Bulgarian and Italian scientists teamed up for a project to decode the genes of present-day..

05.09.16 в 09:05 |

"I am Bulgarian" Festival gathers Bulgarian children from different European countries in Romania

For a ninth consecutive year Bulgarian children from various European countries gathered at their own festival. This year the festival took place in Timisoara, Romania. The organizers of the Festival are T.A.N.G.R.A. (Tonalidad, Arte Natural y Guía para..

13.11.17 в 15:12 |

Attitude of Serbia towards Bulgarian minority is intolerable, MEP Angel Dzhambazki says

"This double-faced policy on the part of Serbia must stop as it continues to play the same game it has played over the past 50 years. The recent steps of the Zaev cabinet in Macedonia towards Bulgaria is what actually irritates Belgrade," MEP Angel..

12.11.17 в 13:41 |
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