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Tax Freedom Day in Bulgaria falls on 4 May 2018: Institute for Market Economics

We shall be working 4 months this year to fill up the state treasury, analysts from the Institute for Market Economics say. Every year they calculate how much Bulgarians have to pay for the services the state offers. “This year Tax Freedom..

02.01.18 10:49 |
Petar Ganev

Institute for Market Economics: Bulgarian businesses lose one month a year to red tape

The topic of bureaucracy and its effect on business is nothing new to Bulgaria and has been the subject of discussion many a time. Public perception and most surveys indicate that it is a comparatively major issue, said economist Petar Ganev from..

12.10.17 11:31 |

CETA comes into effect as of today

The free-trade agreement between the EU and Canada, known as CETA comes into force as of today. The document was approved by the member countries within the frameworks of the European Council and voted by the European Parliament. It will be fully..

21.09.17 10:24 |
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