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15 years ago Bulgarian National Radio web site was launched with Radio Bulgaria’s programs

On this date, back in 2004, the first website of the Bulgarian National Radio - www.bnr.bg was launched. Its content consisted of the programs of Radio Bulgaria. Through the new web site in 11 languages ​​- Bulgarian, English, German, Russian,..

01.03.19 в 18:45 |

The Bulgarian National Radio has changed its home four times

Many attempts have been made to tell the story of the Bulgarian National Radio but usually, in an effort to present a concise version, we fail to mention some curious details that would sparkle the interest of anyone keen on the history of this..

25.01.19 в 15:57 |

Protest against closure of Radio Bulgaria held in front of BNR building

Journalists from Radio Bulgaria protested against the closure of that radio in front of the BNR building in Sofia. The protest was supported by colleagues from Horizont channel, the web site of the national radio and journalist organizations. The issue..

13.06.17 в 17:09 |

Council for Electronic Media: No conditions for revocation of Radio Bulgaria’s license

There are no conditions for revocation of Radio Bulgaria’s license, the legal opinion of the Council for Electronic Media reads. BNR Director General Alexander Velev has asked the media regulator to change the license of Radio Bulgaria so that content..

06.06.17 в 17:00 |

Council of Europe with positive assessment of Bulgaria’s measures against money laundering

The Council of Europe has published its report on the implementation by Bulgaria of measures against money laundering and financing terrorism. The report contains assessments of Bulgaria’s full or substantial compliance with 39 out of 49..

22.01.14 в 16:50 |
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