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Veliko Tarnovo declared spiritual capital of Bulgaria

The Bulgarian MPs unanimously named the town of Veliko Tarnovo historical and spiritual capital of Bulgaria. 99 MPs voted in favor of the proposal made by initiative committee representing the public from Veliko Tarnovo. The town was capital of the..

12.04.19 в 11:33 |

Strict rules and respect for traditions keep spirit of Bulgarian military alive

The Bulgarian Army has been ranked 60th in the world in 2018, according to US media Global Firepower. According to the indicator, this country is ahead of Austria, Slovakia and Portugal, while the US, Russia and China hold the top positions for..

26.11.18 в 16:03 |

Serbia's Parliamentary Speaker Maja Gojković: We will work for joint tourist routes of Serbia and Bulgaria

Bulgaria and Serbia will work for the development of their tourist destinations and their inclusion in common routes on the world market, said Maja Gojković, Speaker of the Serbian National Assembly, in the old Bulgarian capital of Veliko Tarnovo. "I..

12.09.18 в 16:42 |

Veliko Tarnovo hosts Cultural Tourism international exhibition

From April 19 to 21 Bulgaria’s town of Veliko Tarnovo hosts the traditional international exhibition Cultural Tourism. The 15 th edition of the exhibition will be held at Vasil Levski Palace of Culture and Sports. Over 60 participants will..

19.04.18 в 13:17 |

Bulgaria celebrates Independence Day

Today marks 109 years since Bulgaria declared its Independence. It was proclaimed on 22 September 1908 in the city of Veliko Tarnovo with a Manifesto of Prince Ferdinand read at St. Forty Martyrs Church and later also at the medieval Tsarevets..

22.09.17 в 08:21 |

Tarnovo Constitution: 138th anniversary

Today marks 138 years since the adoption of the Tarnovo Constitution. On 16 April 1879 the Constituent Assembly in the city of Veliko Tarnovo, Central Northern Bulgaria, adopted the first basic law of the Principality of Bulgaria formed after the..

16.04.17 в 13:00 |

"Tarnovo RUNs" corre por salud

No es fácil mantener el cuerpo fuerte y sano durante todo el año. Esa es la misión que se ha impuesto Kalin Vasilev, organizador del movimiento "Tarnovo RUNs", que está cobrando gran popularidad en nuestro país. Tiene como objetivo la creación de un..

27.02.17 в 14:45 |

St. Euthimius of Tarnovo commemorated today

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church commemorates today Saint Euthimius, the Patriarch of Tarnovo. He was born circa 1327 to a noble family in Bulgaria’s medieval capital Veliko Tarnovo and as a very young man became a monk at the Monastery of Kelifarevo,..

20.01.17 в 09:54 |

New waste management facility unveiled near Veliko Tarnovo

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Minister of Environment and Water Ivelina Vassileva unveiled earlier today a new regional waste management system builtin the village of Sheremetia near Veliko Tarnovo. The system has been financed with more than..

30.07.16 в 16:30 |

Press review

Losses of businesses have doubled for a year. The negative record is due to the Corporate Commercial Bank bust, tourism, energy and real estate trade , Sega writes quoting a report of the National Revenue Agency that analyses business results and..

20.06.16 в 10:25 |
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