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Vladislav Goranov: Bulgaria can adopt Euro in less than three years

If the Bulgarian banks pass successfully the stress tests and the asset quality review, this country will be able to apply for the ERM2 mechanism in the beginning of July this year. The average stay in the Eurozone waiting room is two years and then..

28.01.19 в 16:36 |

Finance Minister mandated to apply for membership of the European Banking Union

“Bulgaria is beginning close cooperation with the European Central Bank on synchronizing legislation and banking supervision for entering the ERM II mechanism,” announced at a briefing Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov. After being given a..

18.07.18 в 13:08 |
Vladislav Goranov

Vladislav Goranov: Three jurisdictions are being added to the tax havens “black list”

Three jurisdictions have been added to the “black list” of tax havens, said Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov who is chairing the Economic and Financial Affairs (ECOFIN) Council meetings, within the frameworks of the Bulgarian Presidency of..

13.03.18 в 17:16 |
Vladislav Goranov

Bulgaria ready to increase its contribution to EU budget: Finance Minister Goranov

Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov stated that with a view to preserving the EU cohesion policy and the common agricultural policy, the national contributions to the Union budget may have to be increased and that Bulgaria was ready to support such a..

09.03.18 в 13:30 |

PM Borissov: The Balkans must prove to Europe they are a good place to invest

This is the time for the Balkans to demonstrate common sense and to prove to Europe that they do not generate problems and are a good place to invest, said PM Boyko Borissov at the annual government meets business meeting taking place in Sofia...

30.01.18 в 12:31 |
Left to right: The ministers of health, social policy and finance - Kiril Ananiev, Biser Petkov and Vladislav Goranov

National budget for 2018 now in effect

The new national budget comes into effect today. It envisages a deficit of 1 billion 100 million Leva, even though last year the treasury ended the year with a surplus of close to 800 million Leva. According to the parametres of the 2018..

01.01.18 в 15:31 |

The state authorities to respond strongly to murder attempt against tax officer Stamenov

The murder attempt against the Bulgarian tax officer Ivo Stamenov is not linked with his personal life. It was linked with his duties at work which were fulfilled conscientiously, Bulgaria’s Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov told journalists after the..

21.12.17 в 13:48 |

Bulgaria to attract investments worth nearly EUR 560 million under Juncker Plan

Bulgaria is expected to attract investments to the tune of nearly EUR 560 million under the Juncker Investment Plan, Bulgaria’s Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov announced. Minister Goranov told journalists that the Bulgarian companies have not..

11.05.17 в 17:20 |

Vladislav Goranov: Minimal pension grows in two steps this year

The negotiations between GERB and the United Patriots for composing a government continue. Yesterday the two political formations agreed upon the disputed subject of increasing the minimal retirement pension, which is at the moment BGN 161...

12.04.17 в 12:48 |

No problem to service Belene NPP debt: Vladislav Goranov

There will be no problem to service the debt the for Belene N-plant, outgoing Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov has said after the approval of the state budget draft: „I am optimistic that we will obtain within the deadline agreed with the..

18.11.16 в 15:58 |
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