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Bulgarian police has seized heroin in Burgas region and Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint

The Bulgarian have police seized 55 kg of heroin near the city of Burgas. The drug is worth between 1 and 2 million euros. A 47-year-old man, transporting 110 pressed packages of heroin in mini van’s secret compartment was detained. Two charges have..

01.07.19 в 14:20 |

350 ancient coins intercepted before being smuggled out of Bulgaria

Criminologists have apprehended a man near Aytos in Southeastern Bulgaria as he was preparing to smuggle more than 350 ancient coins, dating to the Roman, Ancient Greek and Byzantine period, out of the country. The estimated value of the deal..

15.03.19 в 10:05 |

One police officer per 300 people in Bulgaria: Eurostat

Eurostat data concerning the number of police officers in the countries of the EU in 2017 indicate that in Bulgaria there are 335 officers in uniform per 100,000 people, or one police officer per 300. The average for the EU is one police officer..

10.01.19 в 10:57 |

Crypto currencies worth 3 million dollars seized from criminal group

The Specialized Prosecutor's Office and the General Directorate Combating Organized Crime have neutralized an organized crime group specialized in computer fraud. Crypto currency equal to about 3 million USD has been "seized" in searches. Two of the..

26.11.18 в 14:39 |

20 tons of cannabis destroyed during police operation in Southwestern Bulgaria

About 20 tons of cannabis have been destroyed during a police operation in the region of Petrich, Southwestern Bulgaria. Because of the hard-to-reach terrain, helicopters were also involved in the operation that started yesterday. Since the beginning..

15.08.18 в 15:26 |

Criminal gang planning murders of police officers and magistrates jailed

The Specialized Prosecutor's Office in Bulgaria has announced that an organized crime group involved in drug trafficking has been arrested in a special action of the Ministry of the Interior and the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime. The gang..

02.07.18 в 13:32 |

Estimated 14,000 cut off from electricity as result of stormy wind close to Bulgarian border with Greece

Stormy winds speeding at 80 km / h have left more than 14,000 without electricity in the municipality of Kirkovo close to the Bulgarian border with Greece. There is heavy rain in the area, with 70 liters per square meter measured in the..

01.12.17 в 17:35 |

29 illegal migrants detained at central Sofia railway station

The Sofia police detained 29 illegal migrants from Syria in a train traveling from Turkey to Serbia. Because of the incident, power at the central Sofia railway station had to be cut off, because the people had climbed onto the roofs of the carriages...

13.11.17 в 10:16 |

Number of cases of robbers blowing up ATMs on the rise

In an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio, head of the national police, Hristo Terziyski, commented on a recent case when robbers blew up a cash machine and stole the money in it, as the criminals still remain wanted.  Mr. Terzyiski said the..

12.11.17 в 12:56 |

40 illegal migrants detained in Sofia

40 illegal migrants, put up in one single house in Moderno Pregradie residential area in Sofia, have been detained during a large-scale police operation. The owner of the house is wanted by the police. 31 of the persons detained are adults,..

19.09.17 в 11:35 |
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