Bulgaria’s 2020 state budget-what is new?

Bulgaria’s 2020 state budget accentuates for another consecutive year on the increase of wages in the public sector and on significant increase of the salaries of the Bulgarian teachers, which will double by the end of the term of office of the..

published on 12/18/19 10:36 AM

Bulgarian employers and labor unions together against US-owned thermal power stations

The future of the coal-fired power stations does not look bright at all, especially now when the EC is adopting the European Green Deal , Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov said recently. The position of Bulgarian employers and labor unions..

published on 12/13/19 1:24 PM

New tensions in Bulgarian-Russian gas relations

The Bulgarian-Russian gas projects have been experiencing bad times and the latest project, the Turkish Stream, which was due to be operative next year is also about to fail. Before that, in 2014, the giant South Stream gas pipeline project..

published on 12/9/19 3:43 PM

Banker Teodora Petkova: In order to be successful manager, one needs good team and listening skills

The day of Saint Nicholas, the Wonderworker /December 6, 2007/ is also the professional holiday of bankers. According to legends, before being canonized, the saint lived as a moneylender and helped the poor, giving away his wealth unnoticed. He..

published on 12/6/19 1:12 PM

Financial Supervision Commission presents new draft for Bonus-malus system

The price of the third party liability insurance in Bulgaria may increase up to 400% after the introduction of the new Bonus-malus system, the new draft of the Financial Supervision Commissionsubmitted for public consultations envisages. The..

published on 11/28/19 1:22 PM

Black Friday in Bulgaria - between shopping fever and skepticism

The culmination of consumer society’s desirescalled “Black Friday” is a phenomenon that Bulgarian consumers have come to know relatively recently as it has existed in this country for no more than 6-7 years. Reactions to this apogee of consumerism..

published on 11/27/19 2:17 PM

Bulgaria – the Silicon Valley of the EU?

The Bulgarian government undertakes to “clean” the image of this country, which is presented as the poorest and most corrupt member state of the EU. The measures include programmes aimed at assisting businesses, attracting investments,..

published on 11/22/19 1:47 PM

Bulgaria makes efforts to attract back nationals residing abroad

The Bulgarian economy is experiencing huge deficit of workforce. Unemployment in this country is only 3.7% and as Premier Borissov recently said, only those who do not want to work are currently unemployed. Meanwhile, the number of Bulgarians..

published on 11/20/19 12:58 PM

Bulgaria’s economy suffers from underinvestment, yet its condition is better than the EU average

Bulgaria’s economist Professor Daniela Bobeva and the Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tsvetan Simeonov analyzed the economic perspectives of Bulgaria. They voiced different positions about the economic..

updated on 11/20/19 11:05 AM

Mr. and Mrs. Economy, 2019 awards presented

Atanas Dobrev, CEO of Vivacom telecommunications company and Teodora Petkova, CEO of UniCredit Bulbank are holders of the Mr. and Mrs. Economy title for 2019. The statuettes “The fisherman and the golden fish” bestowed on the winners are by..

published on 11/17/19 9:15 AM