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The monument of St. St. Cyril and Methodius at Mikulčice

Mikulčice village on Morava River keeps the spirit of Cyril and Methodius alive

Every year on 24 May, the day of Bulgarian education, culture and the Slavic alphabet, Bulgarians from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Germany throng to the village of Mikulčice in the Czech Republic. A lot of other..

updated on 5/24/20 7:28 PM

24 May, the brightest Bulgarian holiday

On 24 May Bulgaria celebrates the Day of the Slavic Script and of the Bulgarian Education and Culture. The Holiday of Letters – this is how we have been thinking of this day since childhood. This is the day to pay homage to the creators of the Slavic..

updated on 5/24/20 12:10 AM

“My Heart and I Are One" supports children’s development and creativity

“As someone who has been living abroad, I want to support Bulgaria, where I was born and raised. After the presentation of ‘Alphabet Song’ in some kindergartens in the country, I was very impressed by the work of pedagogues who..

updated on 5/22/20 8:40 PM

Elina Stoyanova has created home for Bulgarian books in London

"London is Open” is a major campaign of London mayor Sadiq Khan aimed to show that London was united and open for business and to the world. The campaign continues to spread the message that the city was a hospitable place to live in,..

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Depictions of the Glagolitic script. St. Cyril created the Glagolithic A in the form of the cross, as he thought of the alphabet as a Holy deed!

The Bulgarian alphabet: intangible heritage with intransient value

One of the most respected days on the Bulgarian holiday calendar – 24 May, is the Day of letters and the Bulgarian alphabet created in the second half of 9 th century. This day takes us centuries back and reminds of a piece of heritage which..

updated on 5/21/20 1:09 PM

Bogoslov Stoyanov from Razgrad – the chimney sweep that brings people good luck and happiness

We have all heard that to touch a chimney sweep brings good luck and happiness, something 24-year old Bogoslov Stoyanov from Razgrad firmly believes.   Wearing a black shirt, a hat on his head and a wire brush over his shoulder, the..

updated on 5/9/20 9:36 PM

Vitosha Park – 85 years on and still a favourite getaway

Taking a walk along Sofia’s main pedestrian street from St. Nedelya square, in the heart of the city’s historical centre, there is one feature that dominates the skyline - Mount Vitosha, one of the symbols of Bulgaria’s capital city. In..

published on 6/18/19 2:06 PM

Pomorie tomb remains an unsolved mystery for 100 years

There are a great many weird places as one tours Bulgaria. One of these sites is unique – the Dome Tomb from the era of the Classical Antiquity near the Black Sea town of Pomorie. It sits among well-groomed vineyards and orchard gardens, only 300..

published on 10/1/17 9:10 AM