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Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria

Elections for 46th National Assembly of Bulgaria to be held on July 11, 2021. In this section you can find comprehensive coverage on this topic, including news reports, commentaries and analyses. You can also learn more about the history of parliamentary elections in Bulgaria.

“Democratic Bulgaria” and “Stand up! Thugs out!” ready to negotiate with ITN

The political forces represented at the 46 th National Assembly held a technical meeting to discuss the agenda of the first plenary sitting convened by this country’s President Radev on July 21, informs the reporter of the Bulgarian National Radio..

published on 7/19/21 7:41 PM
Toshko Yordanov

ITN to propose another prospective cabinet soon

There is Such a People party (ITN) which won the highest number of Parliamentary seats at the latest early general elections is to propose another prospective cabinet without negotiating ministerial positions with other political forces, announced this..

updated on 7/16/21 6:05 PM

ITN withdraws nomination of Nikolay Vassilev for position of Prime Minister

The leader of There is Such a People party Slavi Trifonov has withdrawn the nomination of Nikolay Vassilev for the position of Prime Minister of Bulgaria. Slavi Trifonov will soon nominate another person for this position and will propose a revised..

published on 7/15/21 6:40 PM

Distribution of Parliamentary seats to be promulgated in State Gazette on July 16

The official results of the early general elections and the distribution of the Parliamentary seats in the new 46 th National Assembly will be published in the 59 th issue of State Gazette on July 16. Later, Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev..

published on 7/15/21 5:49 PM

Central Election Commission distributes Parliamentary seats among the political forces

There is Such a People party (ITN), which won the snap Parliamentary election in Bulgaria, will have 65 MPs in the 46 th National Assembly, or 14 MPs more as compared to the previous 45 th National Assembly. The coalition GERB-SDS will be..

published on 7/15/21 4:49 PM

Bulgarians abroad had conditions for mass voting, but no attitude

The absence of a full-fledged "Abroad" constituency is among the reasons for the lower voter turnout abroad during the July 11 parliamentary elections, Dimitar Dimitrov from the Central Election Commission (CEC) told BNR. "Technical conditions were..

published on 7/15/21 11:43 AM

Ex-PM Boyko Borissov will not be a member of the new parliament

In a reduced composition, Bulgaria's Central Election Commission (CEC) has announced the final distribution of seats in the 46th National Assembly. GERB leader Boyko Borissov will not be an MP.  After a dispute, the CEC did not respect Borissov's..

published on 7/15/21 9:23 AM

Voter turnout at the July 11 snap Parliamentary election was 42.19%

Voter turnout at the July 11 snap Parliamentary election was 42.19%, indicates latest data of the Central Election Commission. 2,775,410 out of 6,578,716 eligible voters  cast their ballots at the early general elections.   Highest voter turnout..

published on 7/14/21 5:11 PM
Boyko Borissov

GERB will not accept a mandate to form a government

At a press conference, GERB leader Boyko Borissov said that as an opposition they would not support the government of the party "There is Such a People" (ITN). If the mandate to form a government reaches GERB, it will be returned immediately. "Get..

published on 7/14/21 1:11 PM
Bulgarian Parliament building

The protest parties will have 112 deputies in the 46th parliament

With 100% of the results of the July 11 elections processed, the first political force in the new 46th parliament is "There is such a people" party (ITN) . With 24.8% of the vote, it receives 65 seats in Parliament. Second is the GERB-SDS coalition..

published on 7/14/21 12:59 PM