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Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria

Elections for 46th National Assembly of Bulgaria to be held on July 11, 2021. In this section you can find comprehensive coverage on this topic, including news reports, commentaries and analyses. You can also learn more about the history of parliamentary elections in Bulgaria.

Caretaker PM Stefan Yanev

The election results are authentic, caretaker PM Stefan Yanev says

“The election results are authentic and reflect the votes cast, as it should be in a democracy,” Prime Minister Stefan Yanev stated at today’s cabinet meeting. “We ascertained an extremely low voter turnout, unfortunately, the fact that the..

published on 7/14/21 11:30 AM
Iliana Yotova

Vice President Iliana Yotova describes idea of caretaker cabinet continuing as a regular government as “exotic”

“I hope common sense will prevail in the days to come. Bulgaria needs a very stable government. A government that will continue what the caretaker government started – a return to statehood, respect for law and order, for the rules, economic..

published on 7/14/21 10:21 AM

With 99.95% of tally sheets processed, ITN continues ahead of GERB-SDS

6 parties and coalitions are expected to enter the next, 46 th parliament of Bulgaria after the snap parliamentary election on 11 July. According to data of the Central Election Commission, as of 2 PM on 13 July, 2021, with 99.95% of the..

published on 7/13/21 3:33 PM
Georg Georgiev

GERB calls on Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission to resign

GERB party has demanded the resignation of this country’s Central Election Commission due to the organization of the latest snap general elections abroad. This party referred to a polling station in Northampton, Great Britain. This polling station did..

published on 7/13/21 12:02 PM

There are no missing polling stations in London: sectional commission member

During the night of July  11- 12, Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission did not answer the calls on three telephone lines, given for contact with  polling stations in Great Britain, members of election commissions in London said for Nova..

published on 7/13/21 10:40 AM

Machine voting in July 11 elections in Bulgaria was generally successful, OSCE observers say

In general, the machine voting introduced in Bulgaria in the polling stations with over 300 voters has passed successfully in the parliamentary elections of July 11, international observers note. According to them, however, corruption and the lack of..

published on 7/12/21 5:07 PM

With 82.02% of tally sheets processed abroad ITN leads over Democratic Bulgaria and MRF

According to data of the Central Election Commission, by 13.30 PM on 12 July, 2021, with 82.02% of the section tally sheets having been processed by the section election committees abroad, the data are as follows: There is Such a People (ITN):..

published on 7/12/21 3:42 PM

With 95% of tally sheets processed, ITN holds 0.2% lead to GERB-SDS

6 parties and coalitions are expected to enter the new 46 th National Assembly of Bulgaria after the early parliamentary elections yesterday, 11 July . According to data of the Central Election Commission, by 13.30 PM on 12 July, 2021, with..

updated on 7/12/21 3:13 PM

There is Such a People Party earns 100,000 more votes as compared to the April 4 elections

There is Such a People Party headed by Slavi Trifonov earned 100,000 more votes at this year’s snap Parliamentary elections, as compared to the general elections held on April 4. This party attracted additional support from core supporters of..

published on 7/12/21 3:06 PM

There is Such a People party places first in Great Britain and Germany

There is Such a People (ITN) party has scored a convincing victory in all 135 polling stations in Great Britain. According to the correspondent of the Bulgarian National Radio in London Veselin Paunov, ITN earned 49.76% electoral support, followed by..

published on 7/12/21 1:43 PM