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Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria

Elections for 46th National Assembly of Bulgaria to be held on July 11, 2021. In this section you can find comprehensive coverage on this topic, including news reports, commentaries and analyses. You can also learn more about the history of parliamentary elections in Bulgaria.

ITN goes ahead of GERB: Gallup

Data from the Gallup Sociological Agency from the parallel vote tabulation earlier at 100% of the representative sample shows the following election results: "There is Such a People" (ITN): 23,2%, or 62 seats in Parliament GERB-SDS”:..

updated on 7/11/21 10:36 PM
Toma Bikov

GERB: We expect a government that will not bear political responsibility

Bulgaria is expected to be ruled by a government that cannot be held accountable, predicted at a press conference Toma Bikov from GERB . This is the party's first comment since the end of the election day.  According to Bikov, the next cabinet will be..

published on 7/11/21 10:20 PM
Parvan Simeonov

Gallup: The vote of Bulgarians abroad may have a decisive role

"It may turn out that the vote from abroad will decide in which direction the scales will tilt." This was stated to BNR by the executive director of Gallup polling agency, Parvan Simeonov . The agency of the official partner of the Bulgarian National..

published on 7/11/21 9:22 PM

Alpha Research and Market Links: GERB is leader, 6 political forces in the new parliament

Exit polls from other polling agencies besides Gallup show the following elections results by this time: Alpha Research: “GERB-SDS”: 23.5 % "There is Such a People" (ITN): 22,3% “BSP for Bulgaria”: 14.1% "Democratic Bulgaria": 14.1%..

published on 7/11/21 8:25 PM

Gallup: GERB leads with 0.6% in the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria

Results of the exit polls by Gallup polling agency, partner of the Bulgarian National Radio, show that the following distribution of votes in the parliamentary elections in this country on July 11, 2021  by 20:00  pm: “GERB-SDS”: 22.1 %, or 59..

published on 7/11/21 8:13 PM

CEC spokesperson: There are no grounds for challenging the vote

There are a total of 56 polling stations in the country where machine voting has been suspended or has not started at all. This is 0.49% of all 10,516 voting machines, so I don't think there will be any reason for challenging the vote. This was stated..

published on 7/11/21 7:55 PM

The counting of the receipts from the voting machines will be partial

The receipts from the machine voting in 1,343 polling stations in the country and 39 polling stations abroad, determined at random, will be counted after the end of the election day , the Central Election Commission (CEC) decided. According to the..

published on 7/11/21 7:35 PM

17.00 PM: Considerable drop in voter turnout compared to April 4 elections

By 17.00 pm, voter turnout at the July 11 parliamentary elections in Bulgaria was 29.1%. "This is well below the turnout recorded on April 4, when it was more than 10 percentage points higher. Indeed, the difference is quite considerable",..

updated on 7/11/21 6:14 PM

Vice President Iliana Yotova: Bulgaria has attracted bigger and more significant investments in two months

"I voted for democracy and the rule of law," said Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliana Yotova. "T he energy for change and the existance of a clear alternative have filled me with hope", said  V ice President Yotova . "People have seen that this..

published on 7/11/21 1:37 PM

Rumen Radev: I hope that the ongoing changes for the better are irreversible

"I voted for a country that belongs to the public interest," said Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev after exercising his right to vote. President Radev voiced hope s that the political parties would take a  responsible and constructive..

published on 7/11/21 12:29 PM