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Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria

Elections for 46th National Assembly of Bulgaria to be held on July 11, 2021. In this section you can find comprehensive coverage on this topic, including news reports, commentaries and analyses. You can also learn more about the history of parliamentary elections in Bulgaria.

Machine voting – the biggest novelty at today’s election

For the first time machine voting is mandatory in Bulgaria in polling places with more than 300 voters. In 9,402 polling stations in the country and 273 abroad voting will be entirely by machine. In the polling places where more..

published on 7/11/21 7:20 AM

Elections for members of parliament held for second time this year

The election day on which Bulgarian citizens are voting for members of the 46 th National Assembly, started at 7 AM and will continue until 8 PM Bulgarian time. 15 parties and 8 coalitions are vying for seats in the parliament of Bulgaria...

published on 7/11/21 7:05 AM

Today is election silence day before tomorrow’s vote

Today is election silence day in Bulgaria before the election for parliament tomorrow, 11 July. The law strictly forbids the publication of any sociological surveys regarding voter attitudes, or any form of political campaigning 24 hours..

published on 7/10/21 5:10 AM
Interim Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov

More than 900 have been detained for vote-buying: Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov

“S ince 1 July,  72 judicial investigations have been initiated and more than 900 people have been detained for vote-buying for the upcoming early parliamentary elections on 11 July,” Interior Minister from the caretaker cabinet Boyko Rashkov..

published on 7/9/21 4:13 PM

First Bulgarian polling station on board a ferryboat

For the first time a polling station is being set up on board a Bulgarian ferryboat which is to set sail from the fishing port in Burgas tonight.  This is happening at the request of the vessel’s captain Plamen Panayotov. The polling station will..

published on 7/9/21 2:30 PM

Everything is ready for election day in West London

“Everything is ready for the election on Sunday, 11 July,” Atanas Tsvetanski, West London volunteer and election coordinator said for the BNR. “ We have 5 polling stations and in all five there will be a voting machine, they have arrived and will..

published on 7/9/21 1:17 PM

The election campaign in Bulgaria is coming to an end – what are the expectations?

We are witnessing the end of a less active political campaign for parliamentary elections. The reasons for this may be seen both in the early nature of the vote in the holiday season and also in the considerable funds spent by the..

published on 7/9/21 8:20 AM

Polling station committees in Turkey are not fully staffed

Over 90% of the polling stations abroad are staffed. The Foreign Ministry has sent a list to fill the vacancies left after the parties' proposals. The Central Election Commission - CEC will decide on changes in the composition of stations, as one..

published on 7/7/21 9:51 AM
Caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs Svetlan Stoev

All 421 voting machines for the election abroad have been delivered: caretaker Foreign Minister Svetlan Stoev

All of the 421 voting machines for the election abroad have been delivered. They have been dispatched to the diplomatic and consular missions, caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs Svetlan Stoev announced at a press conference. This week the..

updated on 7/5/21 6:31 PM

GERB-SDS and ITN neck and neck for first place at upcoming election: Centre for Analysis and Marketing

According to a social survey by the Centre for Analysis and Marketing, the GERB-SDS coalition and Slavi Trifonov’s party ITN (There Is Such a People) are neck and neck for first place at the upcoming elections on 11 July, with a little under 20% of..

published on 7/5/21 2:44 PM