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Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria

Elections for 46th National Assembly of Bulgaria to be held on July 11, 2021. In this section you can find comprehensive coverage on this topic, including news reports, commentaries and analyses. You can also learn more about the history of parliamentary elections in Bulgaria.

Young people undeterred in their ambition to bring about normalization of the country

After the regular elections for parliament held on 4 April, 2021, the parties in the 45th National Assembly failed to form a cabinet, after parliament itself held only 9 sittings. Analysts and sociologists say that they actually served as a..

published on 7/5/21 11:45 AM

6 political parties to enter the new parliament: Market Links poll

If the elections were held today, GERB-SDS would receive 19.7% of the vote, and ITN party - 18.8%. This is shown by the data from a jointly funded and conducted survey of bTV and Market Links agency.  The poll was conducted from June 18 to 25 using..

published on 7/5/21 11:17 AM
Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov

Interior Minister: Bulgaria's police acts against vote buying for July 11 elections

In Plovdiv, votes have been purchased on behalf of the GERB party. This was stated to the BNR's Horizon channel by caretaker Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov. As proof, he pointed to a business card found by a GERB MP in the previous parliament, but did..

published on 7/5/21 10:26 AM
Ilko Stoyanov

ITN party wins first mayoral mandate in Blagoevgrad

Ilko Stoyanov from ITN party has won the mayoral run-off in Bulgaria's Blagoevgrad with 55.4% of the vote. He received 10,406 votes. Rumen Tomov, the current mayor, supported by the Bulgarian Socialist Party, collected 40.93% or 7,632 votes. Turnout was..

published on 7/5/21 9:12 AM

Constitutional Court has approved machine voting

Machine voting is not unconstitutional, the Constitutional Court said. Five of the 12 judges have signed the decision with a dissenting opinion. According to the decision, the ballot for machine voting is designed to look like the paper one. "By..

published on 7/2/21 2:10 PM

Two voting machines in each of 1,115 polling stations in Bulgaria and in 148 abroad

In the early parliamentary elections on July 11, full machine voting will take place in 9,401 stations in this country and in 273 sections abroad. The news was reported by the Central Election Commission. There will be two devices in each of 1,115..

published on 7/1/21 5:25 PM
Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov at today's briefing

Specialized police operation launched in Bulgaria to prevent vote-buying

“A specialized police operation has been launched in the country. It will go on until the elections,” Minister of the Interior Boyko Rashkov said at a briefing. “There are some100 reports already that certain groups and representatives of..

published on 7/1/21 12:50 PM

All voting machines needed for elections on July 11 have been delivered

A total of 1,637 election machines have been delivered to Bulgaria and we now have the full number of machines needed for the elections on July 11, caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev said at a government meeting. In this way, the government has..

published on 6/30/21 1:36 PM
CEC spokesperson Rositsa Mateva in front of the voting machines dispatched abroad

Voters abroad will not have the option of ranked-choice voting: Central Election Commission spokesperson

“All machines earmarked for the voting abroad have already been dispatched to the Bulgarian missions. The additional 1,637 voting machines for use inside the country are expected in Sofia on the night of 29 June. The devices were purchased by public..

published on 6/29/21 1:17 PM

OSCE mission questions Bulgaria’s election administration capacity

The mission of observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, OSCE, for the upcoming parliamentary elections on 11 July presented their interim report for the period from 9 to 23 June. The amendments to the Election..

published on 6/29/21 12:46 PM