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Folk Studio: A Maiden-Hero in Bulgarian Folklore

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio03_eng_04_10_10.mp3 “Who has ever heard of a maiden – chieftain” – this is the beginning of numerous folklore songs. In today’s edition of Folk Studio we will tell you about sagas and legends, dedicated..

published on 10/5/10 10:40 AM

Folk Studio – the Legendary Bulgarian Lion

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio02_eng_23_09_10.mp3 The lion is the national symbol of Bulgaria depicted on the country’s coat of arms. Bulgaria’s currency is the lev, the name originally deriving from the Bulgarian word “luv” meaning..

published on 9/24/10 10:01 AM

Folklore from Bulgaria

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_28_07_10.mp3 We offer you a brief music walk across Southern Bulgaria. We present well-known folk performers from the Pirin Mountain, the Thracian region, as well as the Strandja Mountain, which..

published on 7/29/10 12:07 PM

Who that gets angry, he gets old quickly: Bulgarian proverbs and folk wisdoms of health

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_26_07_10.mp3 Like all people around the world, Bulgarians treasure health immensely. Without any exception, Bulgaria’s traditional holidays celebrate health and fertility. The decoration of..

published on 7/27/10 8:44 AM

"Petrovden" - St. Peter's Day festivities

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_28_06_10.mp3 Summer is in full swing. The cereals in the fields are turning golden. It is time for harvest. The contemporary harvesting machines have replaced the view of fields full of..

published on 7/1/10 10:51 AM

Enio's day /Midsummer day/, June 24th

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_23_06_10.mp3 In the traditions of many peoples, the changeover from spring to summer is a moment related to special ritual activities. For centuries now, Bulgaria has preserved a similar ritual..

published on 6/24/10 9:46 AM

“You have my word…”

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_14_06_10.mp3 “Man ought to have shame of other people and fear of God”, goes the popular saying. A short phrase, indeed, but it renders in great precision one of the most important unwritten..

published on 6/16/10 9:51 AM

The sun shines over gold and mud alike

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio02_eng_08_06_10.mp3 Folk beliefs of good and evil have had an enormous impact on the relationship between men and women, parents and children, and between the elders and the community. In patriarchal..

published on 6/9/10 9:08 AM

The village of Teshovo

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio02_eng_03_06_10.mp3 Driving south from the small town of Gotse Delchev in southwestern Bulgaria, you head straight to Greece and you can easily get there through the border crossing of Ilinden. But..

published on 6/4/10 9:46 AM
Kadin Bridge (Nevestino)

Tales about ancient bridges

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_26_05_10.mp3 Ancient bridges can be seen across Bulgaria. They’ve withstood the vicissitudes of time and the exposure to the seasons. Most of them were built by self-taught stone-masons. There..

published on 5/27/10 12:11 PM