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Sts. Constantine and Helen’s Day, folk-wise

Authentic fire-dancing can be seen only in a small region in Southeasternmost Bulgaria, in several villages in the Strandja mountain. We intend to usher you into the mysterious and magical atmosphere of fire-dancing over live coals. Fire-dancers perform..

published on 5/20/10 11:19 AM

Folklore inspires Bulgarian writers

Many Bulgarian writers and poets have found inspiration in Bulgarian folk songs, legends and tales, and in the humor and wisdom of folklore. The first to trace and collect folklore were two key figures in the 18-19 c. Bulgarian National Revival, ideologist..

published on 5/19/10 9:40 AM

Wood-nymph herbs for Spassovden, 13 May

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_11_05_10.mp3 In the Bulgarian tradition there is a special local name for the Christian holiday of Ascension, the 40th day after Easter, when resurrected Christ ascended to heaven. In the..

published on 5/11/10 9:26 AM

From St. George’s Day to the daily round of shepherds

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio02_eng_30_04_10.mp3 The Bulgarian traditional holiday Gergyuovden, St. George’s Day on May 6 ,smells of freshly picked herbs, fresh milk and roast lamb. By tradition, the protagonists on this day are..

published on 5/3/10 12:35 PM

The lazy one works double, the miser pays double

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio03_eng_15_04_10.mp3 Prudence and hard work are two of the traditional Bulgarian values, which we also find in the folk humour. Today’s edition of Folk Studio on Radio Bulgaria, prepared by Rumyana..

published on 4/16/10 10:10 AM

Forests in Bulgarian Folklore

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Myzika/Audio01_eng_06_04_10.mp3 The image of the forest in Bulgarian folklore is beautiful, glorious, and mysterious. It is a place where one finds protection and peace. The forest is the habitat of mythic creatures..

published on 4/7/10 8:56 AM

April Fool’s Day

As the Bulgarian traditional saying goes, “The world has survived because it laughed”. Scientists all around the world who have gone deeper into the complexities human nature have also proved that laughter is one of the instruments that people use to adapt..

published on 4/1/10 12:53 PM

March 1, Granny Martha rites

March 1 is a very special day for Bulgarians, and therefore its festive agenda is quite rich and colorful. Some rites have survived to the present day, others have been forgotten. Stay with us for more about Bulgaria’s unique day in this feature written by..

published on 2/26/10 9:06 AM

St. Todor’s Day, folk-wise

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_17_02_10.mp3 By tradition, the first week of the Long Lent is called Todor’s week in Bulgaria. Each day in this week of strict fasting has its name, rather curious at that – Clean Monday, Black..

published on 2/18/10 10:06 AM

The symbolic meaning of numbers in Bulgarian folklore

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio02_eng_15_02_10.mp3 A specific understanding of numbers that may seem strange in modern days exists in the Bulgarian folklore. Rumyana Panayotovа presents some interesting examples in today’s folk..

published on 2/16/10 8:45 AM