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Wedding falcons

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio02_eng_09_12_09.mp3 The Sakar Falcon, a bird of prey on the verge of extinction these days, was a popular symbol in the Bulgarian tradition. Its ancient name “kraguy” has survived in old wedding songs...

published on 12/9/09 12:43 PM

St. Nicholas' Day, folkwise

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio02_eng_03_12_09.mp3 The Day of St. Nicholas, Nikola in Bulgarian, is celebrated on December 6 and is one of the most respected traditional holidays in this country to this very day. In every home a..

published on 12/4/09 9:01 AM

Bear’s day (St. Andrew’s day) and the man-animal in Bulgarian folk tales

The Christian feast of St. Andrew’s day is also observed as Bear’s day in Bulgarian folklore tradition. Folk myth has it that St. Andrew once tamed a bear hence the coinciding of the two holidays. Bear’s day is also connected to ancient mythology. Bears..

published on 11/30/09 6:43 AM

Second marriage

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_26_11_09.mp3 Divorce was not known to traditional Bulgarian culture. However, even the old-time conservatism allowed for the man and the woman to have a second marriage. How was this allowed?..

published on 11/27/09 10:57 AM

Folk weights and measures

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio03_eng_19_11_09.mp3 An ingenious system of weights and measures was utilized by Bulgarians in the past before the advent of the modern standards for measurements. Some of the old weights and measures..

published on 11/20/09 10:20 AM

Legends about Bulgarian Mountains

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio02_eng_27_10_09.mp3 In its relatively small area Bulgaria has gathered the most impressive mountains in the Balkans. Stara Planina Mountain known internationally as the Balkan Range, has lent its name..

published on 10/22/09 2:13 PM

Who is an urban girl?

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_21_10_09.mp3 With the fast growth of crafts, industry and market relations in the late 19 and the early 20 c. many Bulgarian villages rose to the status of towns. Some of them including Gabrovo,..

published on 10/22/09 1:40 PM

Boyar Legends

ftp://files.bnr.bg/sites/en/Lifestyle/Folklore/290909_boyar/audio03_eng_29_09_09.mp3 Reconstruction of boyar garments, presented at the archaeological museum in the old capital Veliko Tarnovo.Photo: Veneta Nikolova The title “boyar” was given to..

published on 10/8/09 4:25 PM