Vasil Nikolov in front of the discovered Neolithic graves in Sofia's Slatina district

Archaeologists discover 8,000-year-old Neolithic graves in Sofia's Slatina district

Archaeologists have unearthed four graves dating back to 8,000 years ago in the early Neolithic settlement of Slatina in Bulgaria's capital Sofia. T he unearthed skeletons are of three adults and a child, said the Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian..

published on 7/28/20 5:39 PM

Saint Panteleimon – healer and patron of storms

On July 27, along with St. Clement of Ohrid and the Seven Saints (known as Sveti Sedmochislenitsi), the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors the memory of Greatmartyr St. Panteleimon. His name means "all-compassionate". The saint was known among..

published on 7/27/20 12:48 PM

Archeologists discover mediaeval settlement dating to First Bulgarian Kingdom

Archaeologists have discovered a medieval settlement with metallurgical activity on the land of the village of Brestnitsa, along the route of the Hemus highway, the Bulgarian new agency BTA reports. During the initial excavations carried out..

published on 7/25/20 5:15 AM

Sanctuary of goddess Bastet near Malko Tarnovo – between legends and reality

Nearly 40 years ago, a secret expedition went to Gradishte locality in Strandzha Mountain (Southeastern Bulgaria) to explore a mysterious place associated with an ancient civilization. The site was localized on a treasure map and the team was..

published on 7/22/20 11:37 AM
Teteven Monastery St. Elijah

Day of St. Elijah – the most widely venerated saint in Bulgaria

Born in the 10 th century BC, a descendent of Aaron, he was abstemious in food, humble in clothing and strict with himself and with others. His life was filled with miracles which started in his childhood years. Legend has it that his father had a..

published on 7/20/20 6:05 AM

Archaeologists discover exquisite marble statue in Rupite area

A statue of a female, most likely of a priestess, was discovered by archaeologists at Heraclea Sintica, an ancient city in the Rupite area near Petrich. The statue is very well preserved, although the head and arms are missing, said Assoc. Prof...

published on 7/19/20 8:00 AM
Portrait of Vasil Levski by Ruska Marinova, 1957

A stroll to the holy places of Bulgaria’s Apostle of Freedom

Monasteries are often called the hearths of Bulgarian spirituality, guardians of the Bulgarian faith in the once despondent years of the Ottoman Yoke filled with persecution and humiliation. There is no shortage of historical evidence of..

published on 7/18/20 5:35 AM

Gigantic mammal from prehistory – beneath the dome of Sofia University

In 1965, a biology teacher from the town of Assenovgrad ran across a gigantic skeleton in the region of the village of Ezerovo. During a summer expedition with his students, Dimitar Kovachev discovers the world’s most well-preserved deinotherium..

published on 7/14/20 1:39 PM

Writer Kiril Hristov – lyrical master and collector of memories

At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, Bulgarian fiction marked an unprecedented progress. Kiril Hristov occupies his worthy place among the galaxy of talented poets and writers, such as Pencho Slaveykov, Ivan Vazov, Peyo..

published on 7/7/20 12:58 PM

Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks Sunday of all Bulgarian saints

Today the Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks the Sunday of all Bulgarian saints. The Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Neophyte, served a festive liturgy in the Sofia-based Church of the Nativity of Christ. This is the newest holiday in the..

published on 6/21/20 10:56 AM