Three architectural jewels reveal the splendour of Bulgaria’s former capital Tarnovo to this day

The town of Veliko Tarnovo has its own special place in the heart of every Bulgarian. To this day the town manages to preserve and keep alive the historical memory of its former greatness as the old capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Even..

published on 3/22/20 8:25 AM

Children from the Bulgarian Diaspora can now study at theological seminaries in Sofia and Plovdiv

Sofia’s Тheological Сeminary “Sveti Ioan Rilsk” (Saint John of Rila) and the Plovdiv-based Theological Seminary “Sts. Cyril and Methodius" are secondary theological schools in which, along with young people from all over Bulgaria, ethnic..

published on 3/21/20 9:25 AM

Bulgaria's Alexander Nevsky Patriarchal Cathedral to stream liturgies live on Facebook

With the imposition of extraordinary restrictive measures in Bulgaria, due to the epidemiological situation, on its official website Bulgaria’s Holy Synod has announced that the divine liturgies served in the Patriarchal Cathedral of..

published on 3/16/20 1:41 PM

Pleven archives arrange exhibition of black-and-white photographs

Almost two million negatives that once belonged to the “Bulgarian photography” company are in storage in the State Archives Agency. The black-and-white films depict moments from the past of the country which are yet to be studied by..

published on 3/12/20 9:45 AM

Days of Orthodox Christian Cinema kick off in Bulgaria’s town of Lovech

The 13 th edition of Days of Orthodox Cinema will open on March 10 with the film Portaitissa of Donetsk by director Natalia Batraeva. The film tells the story of the life under fire of the nuns who find meaning in the service of God and..

published on 3/8/20 9:10 AM

The Monument of the Liberator King – symbol of Bulgarian freedom

The idea for building in Sofia a monument symbolizing the gratefulness of the Bulgarian people towards Liberator King Alexander II and towards Russia in general, springs up immediately after the Liberation from Ottoman Rule in 1878. The..

published on 3/3/20 8:35 AM

March 3 as a national day and a new beginning

By a decision of the National Assembly from 5 March, 1990, the date 3 March was proclaimed national day of Bulgaria. This is the day on which the peace treaty between Russia and the Ottoman Empire was signed in San Stefano (now a neighborhood..

published on 3/3/20 8:30 AM

Veliko Tarnovo Museum of Prison keeps memory of hundreds of Bulgarian revolutionaries

The only Oriental prison in Bulgaria was built in 1854 in Veliko Tarnovo during the Ottoman rule . From 1854 until 1954, many Bulgarian revolutionaries and national revival leaders were brought there for short stay and were later taken for..

published on 3/2/20 12:41 PM

Etar Ethnographic Museum displays the Golden Gospel and the revolver-sword of Bulgarian voivode Stefan Karadja

The Open AirEthnographic Museum “Etar” near the town of Gabrovo displays the “Golden Gospel” owned by the Historical Museum in Omurtag and the revolver-sword of Bulgarian voivode Stefan Karadja owned by the museum in Ruse. They will be exhibited..

published on 2/29/20 9:05 AM

150 years since establishment of Bulgarian Exarchate

On February 28, 1870, the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire Ali Pasha recognized the right of Bulgarians to have an independent church separate from the Patriarchate of Constantinople. After a decade of struggles for Bulgarian ecclesiastical..

published on 2/28/20 3:49 PM